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Claire Fuller

UK flag (b.1967)

Claire Fuller trained as a sculptor before working in marketing for many years. In 2013 she completed an MA in Creative and Critical Writing at the University of Winchester, and wrote her first novel, Our Endless Numbered Days.

Genres: Literary Fiction, Mystery
Desmond Elliott Prize Best Book winner (2015) : Our Endless Numbered Days
Women's Prize For Fiction Best Novel nominee (2021) : Unsettled Ground

Claire Fuller recommends
The Last of Us (2016)
Rob Ewing
"An amazing book of courage and survival … a book about memory, friendship and hope. It's the kind of book that made me want to wake my children from their beds, just to kiss them and whisper that I love them. A tremendous novel – I absolutely loved it."
The Farm at the Edge of the World (2016)
Sarah Vaughan
"A wonderful book about love and loss through the eyes of three generations of Cornish women. Lovable, flawed, and so very human, each character had me rooting for them right until the very end. But it was the setting on the north Cornwall coast that makes me love this book: the weather, the seasons, the landscape, the house are all written so vividly that I could step into that place and instantly know my way around."
The Orphans (2017)
Annemarie Neary
"Neary's beautiful and crisp writing cuts to the bone."
The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night (2017)
Jen Campbell
The Immortalists (2018)
Chloe Benjamin
"The four siblings were so real to me that when I turned the last page I immediately missed their company. I was fascinated by the idea of knowing the date of one's death and seeing how each character in The Immortalists handled that knowledge, but maybe even more than that, I loved how Benjamin conveyed the intimate details of these people, which made them and their stories come alive."
The Call of the Curlew (2018)
Elizabeth Brooks
"An atmospheric, beautifully paced novel about sacrifice, the urge to belong and revenge. It's full of well-drawn characters I loved to hate, and those that I didn't want to let go, even after I closed the last page."
Resin (2018)
Ane Riel
"A chilling story about the lengths a man will go to protect his family and way of life. Liv and the terrifying place she manages to survive in will stay with me for a long time."
Miss Marley (2018)
Vanessa Lafaye
"A wonderful novel for Christmas."
Dignity (2019)
Alys Conran
"Heartbreakingly real."
Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts (2019)
(Tuesday Mooney, book 1)
Kate Racculia
"In Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts Kate Racculia has created a host of wonderful odd-ball and eccentric characters, not least Tuesday Mooney herself: smart, vivacious, and beguiling. I was swept up in her crazy treasure hunt through Boston, looking for ghosts—real and imagined. A book for the curious and spirited."
The Better Liar (2020)
Tanen Jones
"A compulsively page-turning story. [Tanen Jones] cleverly drip-feeds nuggets of information, each more surprising than the last, until the final shocking revelation."
Coming Up For Air (2020)
Sarah Leipciger
"Vivid, evocative, moving. I loved it."
Valentine (2020)
Elizabeth Wetmore
"In outstanding prose, Wetmore has created a handful of extraordinary women out of the dust of West Texas, 1976. They are all so real, with their hard lives lived with absolute humanity. Valentine is both heartbreaking and thrilling, I loved it."
The Weekend (2020)
Charlotte Wood
"The Weekend positively hums with life even as these three women are approaching the end of theirs. The book is exquisitely wrenching and poignant when dealing with female friendship and old age, yet it still manages to be funny and very real. I loved it."
The Hare (2021)
Melanie Finn
"With The Hare, Melanie Finn has written a powerful story of female perseverance, strength, and resilience. This book has rare qualities: beautiful writing while being absolutely unputdownable, and I will be pressing it into the hands of every reader I know."
Good Neighbours (2021)
Sarah Langan
"Good Neighbors was such a fun read—fun in a brilliant, twisted, dark, compulsive-reading kind of way! I loved the structure of it, with the little hints Langan threw my way about the Maple Street Murders—I just had to keep reading, because I had to know what happened. She is so good at showing how the idle gossip of suburbia can turn darker, malevolent, and downright dangerous. Wonderful stuff!"

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