Miles Franklin's picture

Miles Franklin

(Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin)
Australia (1879 - 1954)

aka Brent of Bin Bin

Miles Franklin (born "Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin"; 14 October 1879 - 19 September 1954) was an Australian writer and feminist, who is best known for her autobiographical novel, My Brilliant Career, published in 1901. While she wrote throughout her life, her other major literary success, All That Swagger, was not published until 1936.

She was committed to the development of a uniquely Australian form of literature, and she actively pursued this goal by supporting writers, literary journals, and writers' organisations. She has had a long-lasting impact on Australian literary life through her endowment of a major literary award known as the Miles Franklin Award.

Genres: Literary Fiction
My Brilliant Career
   1. My Brilliant Career (1901)
   2. My Career Goes Bung (1946)
     aka The End of My Career
   Some Everyday Folk and Dawn (1909)
   Up the Country (1928) (as by Brent of Bin Bin)
   Ten Creeks Run (1930) (as by Brent of Bin Bin)
   Old Blastus of Bandicoot (1932)
   Bring the Monkey (1933)
   All That Swagger (1936)
   Pioneers on Parade (1939) (with Dymphna Cusack)
   Sydney Royal (1947)
   Prelude to Waking (1950) (as by Brent of Bin Bin)
   Cockatoos (1954) (as by Brent of Bin Bin)
   Gentlemen At Gyang Gyang (1956) (as by Brent of Bin Bin)
   On Dearborn Street (1981)