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Laurie Frankel lives in Seattle with her husband, her three-year-old son, her border collie, and many, many books. She's an East coaster originally, a fact people often guess before she's even opened her mouth. Her second novel, Goodbye For Now, comes out August 7, 2012 in the U.S.  The film has been optioned and translation rights have sold in 27 territories. Laurie was just named one of ten women to watch in 2012. She is a proud core member of the Seattle7Writers. Her first novel, The Atlas of Love, came out in August 2010, so August seems to be her month. Until last June, she was teaching writing, literature, and gender studies at the college level. Now she is thrilled, honored, grateful, and occasionally terrified to be writing full-time. It's quite something.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Laurie Frankel recommends
The Promise Between Us (2018)
Barbara Claypole White
"With The Promise Between Us, Barbara Claypole White gives us compelling characters and wonderfully complex relationships to shed important light on too little known, too little discussed challenges of mental illness."
She Regrets Nothing (2018)
Andrea Dunlop
"Laila Laurence and her family are people I am thrilled not to know personally and was equally thrilled to spend a few hours following around New York City in all the best clothes and shoes to all the best clubs and parties. She Regrets Nothing is addictive, dark, and twisty and, like its characters, delightfully conniving."
We Own the Sky (2018)
Luke Allnutt
"Heartbreaking and devastating and complicated, We Own the Sky offers something remarkable: light in the darkest dark and redemption where there ought to be none."
Flying At Night (2018)
Rebecca L Brown
"In Flying at Night, Rebecca L. Brown traces smart, important parallels across tribulations and generations. She manages the neat trick of making you root for every character, even when they aren’t rooting for one another."
Go Ask Fannie (2018)
Elisabeth Hyde
"[A] loving, raging, totally compelling family... I adored them all from the first page."
The Last Romantics (2019)
Tara Conklin
"All of the luxuriously spun characters in The Last Romantics, entwined via that impossible web we call family, unfold over their many years with the perfect balance of familiarity and wonder that makes turning their pages such a pleasure."
In the Blink of an Eye (2019)
Jesse Blackadder
"In the Blink of an Eye is at once heartbreaking but heartening, tragic but life affirming, its characters complex but familiar, its ending miraculous but well earned. It is a book of contrasts then, so it’s little wonder that even as you can’t stop rushing through, you feel it will stay with you for a very long time."
What's Left of Me Is Yours (2019)
Stephanie Scott
"Beautifully written, atmospheric, and immersive, Stephanie Scott’s What’s Left of Me Is Yours tells a propulsive story about heartbreak and loss and the greatest mystery of all, family."
Hollow Kingdom (2019)
(Hollow Kingdom, book 1)
Kira Jane Buxton
"Everything you're hearing about Kira Jane Buxton's Hollow Kingdom--that it's wildly original and inventive, funny and profane--is wonderfully true. But even better, this book is timely, smart, movingly written, and beautifully concluded."
A Good Neighbourhood (2020)
Therese Anne Fowler
"A Good Neighborhood is my favorite kind of novel -- compelling, complicated, timely, and smart. With great humanity, Therese Anne Fowler imparts a full-hearted, unflinching indictment of a broken system and in so doing tells a story hard to put down and hard to forget."
The Operator (2020)
Gretchen Berg
"Funny, sweet, secretive, and full of fascinating 1930s, 40s, and 50s period details... a poignant look at life in a small town with its nosy neighbors, thorny families, imperfect romances, scandalous pasts, and gratifyingly just deserts."
Someone Else's Secret (2020)
Julia Spiro
"Someone Else’s Secret is a sandy, sun-soaked, character-driven exploration of what happens when there are no good options, when the truth turns out not to be enough, when following your heart proves impossible. It is a novel about being young and very young and then not so young after all and about finding the strength to fight for all those former selves."
Every Now and Then (2020)
Lesley Kagen
"Lesley Kagen’s Every Now and Then ticks all the best boxes. Bygone small-town life so well described you can taste it? Check! Three BFF girlfriends scraping knees and taking names and having the summer of their eleven-year-old lives? Check! Compelling escapades featuring the likes of mental institutions, escaped murderers, and witches? Check! This novel is delightful and the perfect summer read."
My Brilliant Life (2021)
Ae-ran Kim
"Poetic . . . the humor, wisdom, and grace of this family carry us through a touching story of the hardest of times."
Forget Me Not (2021)
Alexandra Oliva
"Forget Me Not is a beautifully written exploration of the gaps between realities. How real is your past if you can’t remember it? How real is your present if it’s mostly lived online? How real is your future if no one you know is trustworthy, including yourself?"
The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman (2021)
Julietta Henderson
"The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman IS funny. It is charming, warm, and uplifting as well. But Julietta Henderson’s quirky, lovable characters also offer profound meditations on family, friendship, grief, disability, illness, and aging, all told with heart, humor, and wisdom. There is so much to love about this book."
Just Get Home (2021)
Bridget Foley
"I turned the pages of Just Get Home like I was reading a flat-out thriller, at that magical couldn't-put-it-down, must-find-out-what-happens pace, but that’s only the beginning of this wonder of a novel because it’s also smart and insightful on timely, important, difficult ideas. Its characters and their relationships are heartbreaking and complicated in the best way, at once entirely relatable, instantly recognizable, and unlike anything you’ve read before. This is addictive reading that changes you as you turn the pages and stays with you long after you’ve finished. It is a genre-bender in my favorite way: it has the best of everything."
The Music of Bees (2021)
Eileen Garvin
"The Music of Bees tells a hopeful, heartwarming, uplifting story about the power of chosen family and newfound home and beginning again. Its delightful cast of characters is the perfect balance between quirky and familiar, flawed and endearing. And oh the bees! Eileen Garvin’s beautiful descriptions throughout this lovely novel immerse the reader in the seasons, the weather, the trees and the flowers, the river and the land and the rhythms of small-town life, but it’s the bees, with all their wonder and intricacy and intrigue, that make this story sing."
This Shining Life (2021)
Harriet Kline
"Poignant but never maudlin, sweet but never saccharine, This Shining Life gives us a heartbroken family, complicated and familiar in the best ways, going through the hardest of times but finding love and hope and, especially, one another."
Once There Were Wolves (2021)
Charlotte McConaghy
"One of those very rare, special novels that changes you as you read."
The Sign for Home (2022)
Blair Fell
"As if complex characters, a compelling voice, smart stylistic choices, and the fierce defense of diversity, accessibility, and equality were not enough, THE SIGN FOR HOME also immersed me in an engrossing and important conversation I knew too little about. I closed this book more enlightened, more engaged, and more hopeful than I was when I opened it, and I enjoyed every page along the way."
Yerba Buena (2022)
Nina LaCour
"Yerba Buena tells two lovely, tangled, gorgeously-detailed coming-of-age stories. It is a novel full of heartbreak and hope, food and flowers, complication and compromise, love and loss and lessons learned the hard way. But especially love."
Iona Iverson's Rules for Commuting (2022)
Clare Pooley
"Pooley delivers not only acerbic, enchanting Iona but a compelling, tangled cast of quirky, complicated characters so engaging, it's enough to make you miss crowded commuter trains."
Jobs for Girls with Artistic Flair (2022)
June Gervais
"As if a queer, feminist, 80s coming-of-age novel weren't enough, Jobs for Girls With Artistic Flair also introduces us to a host of interesting characters in all the shades of gray, a gathering storm of family drama, and a burgeoning tattoo scene I knew nothing about and was delighted to be (pun intended) drawn into."
The Measure (2022)
Nikki Erlick
"So often, high-concept novels are all conceit, no heart, but Nikki Erlick gives us both in spades, a fascinating and timely setup buttressed by a compelling cast of characters finding their hard way through unprecedented times. It makes The Measure a heartfelt parable for our own unprecedented times but also its opposite: a lesson in what doesn't change even when everything else does."

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