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JOHN GORDON DAVIS was born in Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, and educated in South Africa. He earned a BA in Political Science, paying his way through university by working as a deckhand on British merchant ships and on the Dutch whaling fleet at the Antarctic. He went on to take an LL.B. degree whilst serving as a judge´s clerk in Rhodesia.

Called to the Bar, he was appointed an assistant public prosecutor in the Magistrate´s Courts during the troubled years leading up to Rhodesia´s Unilateral Declaration of Independence, before becoming Crown Counsel in the Attorney General´s Chambers. He was later appointed to the same position in Hong Kong during the turbulence of China´s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. He quit this post to become a full-time writer when his first book, Hold My Hand I´m Dying became a best-seller.

He is a veteran seaman; he and his Australian wife, Rosemary, have sailed round most of the world in their succession of yachts. Now retired, they divide their time between their small farm in southern Spain and traveling.

   Hold My Hand I'm Dying (1967)
   Cape of Storms (1970)
   Operation Rhino (1972)
   The Years of the Hungry Tiger (1974)
   Taller Than Trees (1975)
   Leviathan (1976)
   Typhoon (1978)
   Fear No Evil (1982)
   Seize the Reckless Wind (1984)
     aka Seize the Wind
   A Woman Involved (1987)
   The Land God Made in Anger (1990)
   Talk to Me Tenderly, Tell Me Lies (1992)
   Roots of Outrage (1994)
   The Year of Dangerous Loving (1997)
   Unofficial and Deniable (1999)
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