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Kathleen Grissom was raised in the tiny village of Annaheim, Saskatchewan, lived and worked in Montreal and New York City, and finally settled on a large farm in rural Virginia.

Genres: Historical
Kathleen Grissom recommends
Substitute Me (2010)
Lori Tharps
"A great read! I can only imagine the discussions this novel will stimulate in book clubs."
The Accidental Empress (2015)
Allison Pataki
"This novel is captivating, absorbing, and beautifully told--I can't wait for the sequel!"
Amy Snow (2015)
Tracy Rees
"This charming character captured my heart, and her compelling adventure kept me turning the pages. A total delight!"
The Gilded Years (2016)
Karin Tanabe
"In this gripping, tension-filled story, Karin Tanabe reveals to us the impossible choices that one woman was forced to make when she decided to follow her dream for a better life. As with many courageous acts, controversy follows our heroine, and for that reason alone book clubs will find much to discuss here. An utterly captivating narrative that kept me turning pages late into the night."
The Underground River (2017)
Martha Conway
"The Underground River is both a dear love story and a page-turning adventure about the Underground Railroad - and an unwilling participant. An extraordinary cast of memorable characters gives this book irresistible appeal while the setting on the watery boundary between North and South places them in dangerous and morally ambiguous territory. A captivating, thoughtful, and unforgettable read."
If the Creek Don't Rise (2017)
Leah Weiss
"An Impressive debut from a talent to watch."
Another Side of Paradise (2018)
Sally Koslow
"A stunning, utterly captivating read. Another Side of Paradise delivers an unforgettable portrait of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sheilah Graham, a remarkable couple steeped in all the glamour, romance, and intrigue of old Hollywood. Their wild ride of a love affair is one for the ages!"
Annelies (2019)
David R Gillham
"I had to slow down reading Annelies to better absorb the beauty and power of David Gillham’s words. His depth of understanding of human resilience and our capacity to survive and find the light after unimaginable darkness is a gift. A stunning evocation of the human spirit and its ability to inspire across borders, languages, and decades."
Yellow Wife (2021)
Sadeqa Johnson
"Seldom do I get to enjoy a novel so wholly engrossing, so exquisitely researched, so timely. Sadeqa Johnson has brought a fresh telling to a story we think we already know, making it beautifully relatable and human. Riveting and suspenseful, I highly recommend this novel."
Emily's House (2021)
Amy Belding Brown
"Amy Belding Brown brings us a warm, intimate, and rich portrayal of Irish immigrant Margaret Maher, maid and confidante to Emily Dickinson. Margaret's story gives us a fascinating glimpse into another time while placing us directly inside the Dickinson household. I was captivated by this story and I know you will be too."

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