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Karin Tanabe is a Washington, DC-based fiction writer and former Politico reporter whose writing has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, The Houston Chronicle, Newsday, The Miami Herald, and The Washington Post. Before writing her debut novel, "The List," Karin worked as a travel writer, a celebrity journalist, a style scribe and a society reporter. She also handed out those oversize checks to elated winners at the Tokyo Film Festival - career highlight! She has made frequent appearances as a celebrity and politics expert on television, including on Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, and CNN.

Genres: Historical
Karin Tanabe recommends
Secret Sisters (2017)
Joy Callaway
"Joy Callaway's Secret Sisters is an elegant book with enormous heart. The meticulously researched story inspired by the real women who dared to pave the way for sororities in America, is packed full of friendship, romance and betrayal, but is ultimately about the power of a community of women. You'll fly through this perfect summer read, and fall in love with the sisters of Beta Xi Beta."
She Regrets Nothing (2018)
Andrea Dunlop
"Get ready to drop everything and lose yourself in how the other half lives. Andrea Dunlop's deliciously addictive new novel has it all: old money, big secrets, a privileged family, and a ruthless social climber trying desperately to shed her arriviste status and become one of them. A spot on social critique with perfectly executed plot twists, She Regrets Nothing is modern day Edith Wharton meets Gossip Girl. Blair Waldorf would certainly approve."
Nothing Is Forgotten (2018)
Peter Golden
"Nothing is Forgotten is historical fiction at its finest. A sweeping tale full of humor and heartbreak, Peter Golden takes us on a journey from 1960s America across Europe to explore how inherited histories can follow us through generations and redefine families."
Campaign Widows (2018)
Aimee Agresti
"Aimee Agresti knows Washington D.C. Especially in a presidential election year, where primary parties are hotter than Oscar parties, the journalists are ruthless, the candidates unpredictable and a trail of campaign widows are left home while their significant others are hot on the chase. But as she shows us through a compelling cast of characters, the most delicious drama happens right in the District."
Holy Lands (2019)
Amanda Sthers
"Sthers is an expert at crafting dysfunctional families that remain touching and relatable. With Holy Lands, she's penned an irreverent and endearing reminder that blood is thicker than water."
The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls (2019)
Anissa Gray
"Gray beautifully captures the way strong women can piece a community back together, taking care of their loved ones while still figuring out how to care for themselves. A graceful debut that feels timely and important."
A Witch in Time (2020)
Constance Sayers
"I fell in love with Sayers' perfectly plotted debut. There's history and romance, humor and heartache, Paris and Hollywood, and a protagonist who's bewitching no matter the decade. It's time travel with a fresh twist!"

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