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Susan Gloss is the author of the novel Vintage, coming in March 2014 from William Morrow/Harper Collins.  She is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, where she majored in English and Spanish, and the University of Wisconsin Law School. 

She lives on Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin, with her optimistic husband, young son, and neurotic hound dog. 

When she's not writing fiction or toddler wrangling, Susan can be found working as an attorney, heading an online vintage shop at Cleverly Curated, or seeking inspiration for her blog, GlossingOverIt. She also blogs every Wednesday at The Debutante Ball for debut authors.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Susan Gloss recommends
Left to Chance (2017)
Amy Sue Nathan
"In Left to Chance, Amy Sue Nathan shows us through her lovably flawed protagonist, Teddi Lerner, that you can go home again--but not without scaling a mountain of grief and unanswered questions, being schooled by the feisty adolescent daughter of your late best friend, and navigating a bona fide love triangle. In short, you can go home again, but what you'll find there is anyone's guess. Watching how Nathan navigates Teddi, and the reader, through it all is like pulling up a chair at a table of old friends at your favorite small town coffee shop--it's delicious, engaging, and unexpectedly comforting even in the midst of life's uncertainties."
Flying At Night (2018)
Rebecca L Brown
"Brown has crafted a stunning debut brimming with compassion, humanity, and uncommon unforgettable tale of fierce love, forgiveness, and the malleability of the human heart."
True Places (2019)
Sonja Yoerg
"Sonja Yoerg has a talent for creating richly drawn, realistic characters, and the Blakemores at the center of this novel are no exception. The family’s tensions are familiar and universal…a father and son at odds, a distant daughter, and a mother who has repressed her own ambitions in service to the family. I felt as if I were an extended part of their household, which made it all the more compelling when Iris, an orphan raised in the woods, stumbled into their lives and shook things up. Yoerg is a brilliant observer of nature, both in the human sense and as applied to the outdoors. Her prose pays loving attention to the details and science of the natural world. Readers will enjoy every moment of getting lost in the pages of True Places, wandering the paths and rural roads of the Blue Ridge Mountains along with the novel’s relatable characters. A beautiful book, all around."

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