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Julia Glass

USA flag (b.1956)

Julia Glass grew up in Lincoln, MA, and graduated from Yale in 1978. She lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts with her partner, photographer Dennis Cowley, and their two children, and works as a freelance journalist and editor.

Genres: Literary Fiction

National Book Award for Fiction Best Book winner (2002) : Three Junes

Julia Glass recommends
On Borrowed Wings (2007)
Chandra Prasad
"Authentically and beguilingly, with admirable daring and wit, Chandra Prasad has written a modern fairy tale that transports her readers to a very particular era and place. She reminds us, importantly, about which things in our world remain constant--and which have changed so swiftly in so little time."
The Maze at Windermere (2018)
Gregory Blake Smith
"Not since Beautiful Ruins have I read a novel with such breadth of imagination or depth of heart, nor a cast of characters so real, so varied, so compelling. In five exquisitely braided tales spanning nearly four centuries, Gregory Blake Smith illuminates the everlasting power of our passions and the hazard of our follies—in essence, the many ways we mortals strive and yearn toward the center of the maze we each call life. This book is a tour de force: gorgeous, suspenseful, cunning, and wise."
Rough Animals (2018)
Rae DelBianco
"In this high-octane, take-no-prisoners debut, Rae DelBianco portrays the mayhem and grit of the new West with the demon eye of Cormac McCarthy but a fierce heart very much her own. I dare you to draw a breath from beginning to end."
The Kennedy Debutante (2018)
Kerri Maher
"You will be swept up, first and foremost, by its vivid, captivating heroine. Kick Kennedy was naive and privileged, to be sure, but in Maher's masterful portrait, she is also a bold young woman living at a precarious moment in history, eager to make her mark on the world as fearlessly as she will follow her heart."
The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs (2019)
Katherine Howe
"Katherine Howe is back and in fine, bewitching form. I relished criss-crossing centuries as Connie Goodwin - equal parts scholar, sleuth, and sorceress - tackles the mystery of a curse on the women of her notorious lineage, racing to break the spell before it breaks her."
The Gretchen Question (2020)
Jessica Treadway
"Spellbinding, utterly deceptive in its brevity, Jessica Treadway’s novel packs into a single day one of the most haunting stories I have ever read about the price we pay for the secrets we keep. It’s also about friendship, motherhood, mortality, the meaning of work, and the search for lasting love."
School Days (2022)
Jonathan Galassi
"Nostalgia, desire, and the treachery of long-held secrets collide in this absorbing psychological mystery set amid the casual cruelties of privilege and youth. Though no one is murdered, heroes are toppled, illusions shattered, and Galassi's protagonist unearths not just a scandal but painful truths all his own. This is the kind of satisfying story whose final revelations send you rushing right back to the start."
Stay Gone Days (2022)
Steve Yarbrough
"Masterful and moving, Stay Gone Days is the story of the diverging yet ultimately intertwined destinies of two sisters, told on a scale both intimate and sweeping. I followed them across continents and decades, through loves and losses, always on the edge of my seat. I finished with tears in my eyes and wonder in my heart."
The Golden Season (2022)
Madeline Kay Sneed
"Madeline Sneed's debut novel is a breathtaking rise-and-cheer touchdown. It's about growing up, coming out, and standing tough for what your heart knows is true, but it's also a tender, magnanimous love letter to a place where family, faith, and football are the holy trinity and wildflowers bloom for miles under an endless blue sky. I wish I could read it for the first time all over again."

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