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Casey Hill

A pseudonym used by Kevin Hill, Melissa Hill

Casey Hill is the pseudonym for husband and wife writing duo Kevin and Melissa Hill. They live in South Dublin with their baby daughter Carrie. Melissa is a successful women’s fiction author; she is a number one bestseller in Ireland and her books regularly appear in the UK top twenty chart.A desire to delve into the darker side of people’s lives led her and Kevin to team up in 2010 to write Taboo, the first in a series of forensic thrillers featuring CSI investigator Reilly Steel

Genres: Mystery
CSI Reilly Steel
   1. Serial (2011)
     aka Taboo
   2. Victim (2012)
     aka Inferno
   3. Hidden (2013)
   4. The Watched (2014)
   5. Quantico (2014)
     aka Crime Scene
   6. One Little Mistake (2015)
     aka Trace
   7. Pretty Guilty Secrets (2015)
     aka Aftermath
   8. The Perfect Lie (2017)
     aka Endgame
   9. Last Girl Alive (2022)

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