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Tabitha King

(Tabitha Jane King)
USA flag (b.1949)
Wife of Stephen King, mother of Joe Hill, Owen King

Tabitha King is a native of the state of Maine, where she born Tabitha Jane-Frances Spruce in 1949. She took her husband Stephen's last name when they married in 1972. They have three adult children, three grandchildren, three cats and a Welsh Corgi named Frodo.

Genres: Horror
Nodd's Ridge
Caretakers (1983)
The Trap (1985)
     aka Wolves at the Door
Pearl (1988)
One on One (1993)
The Book of Reuben (1994)
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Tabitha King
Short stories
The Blue Chair (1981)
Djinn and Tonic (1998)