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Constance Heaven

UK flag (1911 - 1995)

aka Constance Fecher, Christina Merlin

Constance Fecher was born on 6 August 1911.

She started writing historical novels with young protagonists as Constance Heaven in 1963, and since 1972,she used her married name, Constance Heaven, to sign novels more romantic,but also reedited many of her first novels under these name.

She also wrote some portrait-book and novels under the pseudonym Christina Merlin. In 1973,her novel "The House of Kuragin" was the Winner of the Romantic Novel of the Year Award, and years later she was elected the eleventh Chairman(1981-1983) of the Romantic Novelists' Association. Connie passed away in1995.

Genres: Historical Romance
The Leopard Dagger (1963) (as by Constance Fecher)
Queen's Delight (1966) (as by Constance Fecher)
     aka The Queen's Favorite
King's Legacy (1967) (as by Constance Fecher)
The Link Boys (1967) (as by Constance Fecher)
     aka Tom Hawke
Traitor's Son (1967) (as by Constance Fecher)
Player Queen (1968) (as by Constance Fecher)
     aka The Lovely Wanton
Venture for a Crown (1968) (as by Constance Fecher)
Heir to Pendarrow (1969) (as by Constance Fecher)
Lion of Trevarrock (1969) (as by Constance Fecher)
The Night of the Wolf (1972) (as by Constance Fecher)
Castle of Eagles (1974)
The Place of Stones (1974)
King's Legacy (1976)
The Fires of Glenlochy (1976)
The Queen and the Gypsy (1977)
Spy Concerts (1980) (as by Christina Merlin)
The Wildcliffe Bird (1981)
Sword of Mithras (1982) (as by Christina Merlin)
Daughter of Marignac (1983)
Castle of Doves (1984)
By the Light of the Moon (1985) (as by Constance Fecher)
Larksghyll (1986)
The Craven Legacy (1987)
The Raging Fire (1987)
The Fire Still Burns (1989)
The Wind from the Sea (1991)
Love's Shadow (1994)
The Love Child (1997)
Non fiction
Bright Star (1970) (as by Constance Fecher)
The Last Elizabethan (1972) (as by Constance Fecher)