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Dara Horn

USA flag (b.1977)
Sister of Ariel Horn

Dara Horn is an American literature professor and novelist. She received her Ph.D. in comparative literature from Harvard University in 2006.

Genres: Literary Fiction
   In the Image (2002)
   The World To Come (2005)
   All Other Nights (2009)
   A Guide for the Perplexed (2013)
   Eternal Life (2018)
Novellas and Short Stories
   String Theory (2014)
Non fiction
   Excerpts from My Journal (1993)
   The Rescuer (2012)
   People Love Dead Jews (2021)
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Dara Horn recommends
I Am My Beloveds (2022)
Jon Papernick
"Imagine the propulsive plot of a telenovela - but with multidimensional characters who feel achingly real. The combination is rare and irresistible, and Papernick has pulled it off. I disagreed with every choice that every character made in this audacious (and very sexy) book, and that's exactly what made me keep reading, because Papernick made me care about each person he summoned to life in it. In an era where we dismiss everyone who doesn't think like we do, I am My Beloveds offers radical curiosity and empathy."
The Ruined House (2017)
Ruby Namdar
"In another writer's hands, this would be a novel about a midlife crisis. But Ruby Namdar takes the usual selfish questions about ego and fulfillment and empties them out, placing his main character and his readers directly on top of a fault line in the edifice of time. The Ruined House is about one man's life and how the world opens beneath him, letting him fall into an ancient legacy that has always rumbled beneath the surface of our superficial world. A fantastic work about the past that lives within the present."

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