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Nancy Horan

Nancy Horan is a writer and journalist whose work has appeared in numerous publications. Loving Frank is her first novel. She lived most of her life in Oak Park, IL, until her recent move to an island in Puget Sound.
Nancy Horan recommends
Impatient with Desire (2010)
Gabrielle Burton
"Gabrielle Burton brings us a moving story of human courage and frailty. Tamsen Donner's tale will stay with you long after you've read the last page."
A Fierce Radiance (2010)
Lauren Belfer
"Enthralling... An especially compelling read."
The Paris Wife (2011)
Paula McLain
"This remarkable novel about Ernest Hemingway's first marriage is mesmerizing. I loved this book."
The Girls in the Picture (2018)
Melanie Benjamin
"What a pleasure to plunge into the world of silent filmmaking and discover a pair of inventive women at the center of it, struggling not only to survive but to make art. This vibrant portrait of two Hollywood groundbreakers is rich with insights about friendship, ambition and power. . . . A fascinating read."
Winter Sisters (2018)
Robin Oliveira
"A haunting tale of terror and enduring love, Winter Sisters is tense and vivid. It kept me immersed to the last page."
The Guest Book (2019)
Sarah Blake
"Sarah Blake's powerful, beautifully written story portrays a couple's secret choices that come to haunt succeeding generations. The Guest Book is richly atmospheric and morally compelling in a way that stirs the mind long after the last page."
The Paris Hours (2020)
Alex George
"The Paris Hours weaves together the moving tales of four disparate lives in an ending so stunning I was compelled to return to the beginning and read it again. Kudos, Alex George!"
The Color of Air (2020)
Gail Tsukiyama
"Tsukiyama’s beautiful telling of an island son’s homecoming had me under a spell to the last page. The Color of Air pulls you in gently and takes you deep."

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