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Pam Houston is the Director of Creative Writing at U.C. Davis and she teaches at many summer writers'conferences and festivals in the US and abroad.

She has appeared on CBS Sunday Morning from time to time doing literary essays on the wilderness, as well as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She lives in Colorado at 9,000 feet above sea level near the headwaters of the Rio Grande.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Pam Houston recommends
Sleep Toward Heaven (2003)
Amanda Eyre Ward
"Intimate... unflinching... Very tough to put down."
Tourist Season (2007)
Enid Shomer
"Beautifully made, surprising and inevitable, wonderfully inventive and deeply true, these stories are full of small, irreverent, straight-faced miracles. They will lead women of all ages to suspect that the best may be yet to come."
Locke 1928 (2007)
Shawna Yang Ryan
"Artfully woven, exquisitely modulated, walking a master's line between ancient Chinese myth and the grit of immigrant life in the Sacramento Delta, Water Ghosts tells the unforgettable story of a town brought to its knees by loneliness and longing. Complicated, compassionate, haunting, Shawna Yang Ryan's novel feels more like tapestry than words on paper, her prose less like sentences, and more like song."
Hand Me Down (2012)
Melanie Thorne
"Elizabeth is a tough and tender heroine for the ages. A few pages in her voice is all it takes to make us determined to see her through."
This Town Sleeps (2020)
Dennis E Staples
"This novel is a town map, a crime map, a dream map of Geshig, Minnesota, its violent histories, its denials and desires. Marion Lafournier is a perfect tour guide because he knows everybody's secrets, and he sees clearly, even in the dark. Moody, a little noir, laced with the knife-blade humor only people who have been resisting genocide for five hundred years can pull off, and composed of riveting passages that refuse to look away, This Town Sleeps will haunt you with the beauty, despair, and hope of the characters whose lives it bears witness to. A rich and compelling debut."
The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals (2020)
Becky Mandelbaum
"With heart, precision, and a fresh, resilient humor, The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals reveals the complicated connections between people and animals alike. . . . Mandelbaum is wise beyond her years and twice as talented."
Ruthie Fear (2020)
Maxim Loskutoff
"Maxim Loskutoff writes the various violences of the contemporary American West (development, extraction, racism, misogyny, and guns, guns, guns) unapologetically, unromantically, and with a razor-sharp clarity that’s like a punch to the gut. The novel not so much centers around as conjures itself out of the fierce, tender wolf cub of a girl at its center who receives, exposes, incorporates, and transmogrifies that violence. I want Ruthie Fear on my side as we descend into whatever comes next."

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