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Silas House is an American writer best known for his novels. He is also a music journalist, environmental activist, and columnist. House's fiction is known for its attention to the natural world, working class characters, and the plight of the rural place and rural people.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Non fiction
   Something's Rising (2009) (with Jason Howard)
Silas House recommends
Calling Home (2008)
Janna McMahan
"A beautifully wrought novel populated by a vivid cast of characters... Janna McMahan takes us completely into the lives of these people and their small town, presenting this world with authenticity and dignity. I absolutely loved this book and will carry it with me for a long time."
Welcome Back to Pie Town (2012)
(Pie Town, book 2)
Lynne Hinton
"Lynne Hinton writes about the most important things - family, friends, and faith - with grace, wit, and a keen insight."
Where All Light Tends to Go (2015)
David Joy
"David Joy gives us a world that is equal parts graceful beauty and true grit in this poetic and heart-pounding novel. Where All Light Tends to Go contains those essential elements for a novel that 'sticks to the ribs' complex and memorable characters, a palpable sense of place, and a plot that is driven as much by suspense as lyricism. You won't be able to put down this profoundly moving and illuminating look into a mysterious and intricate world where the smell of the southern pines mingles with the scent of cooking meth."
Pride of Eden (2020)
Taylor Brown
"Pride of Eden is intimate in detail and thematically epic. Beautifully written and hard to put down, this book fairly bursts with a sense of place so rich you feel as if you are stepping into this lush world and characters?including the animals?with whom you don't want to stop spending time. Taylor Brown has firmly established himself as one of our finest novelists."
Every Bone a Prayer (2020)
Ashley Blooms
"Every Bone a Prayer is beautifully written and absolutely harrowing from first page to last. It's unlike anything you've ever read before, and you will be mesmerized by it. Misty is among the most endearing characters I've met on the written page in a long while and I won't forget her anytime soon. This haunting debut announces the arrival of one of the most original and exciting new voices in literature."
Even As We Breathe (2020)
Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle
"Even As We Breathe is a remarkable and important debut novel that announces a major new voice in southern literature, and one that we have waited far too long to hear. Clapsaddle offers us characters we will never forget, a palpable sense of place, and an intricate plot, but most of all she allows us to luxuriate in her rich language, which is evident from the first sentence to the last. It was not only a pleasure to read this book, it was also an honor. Don't miss it."
When Stars Rain Down (2021)
Angela Jackson-Brown
"When Stars Rain Down is so powerful, timely, and compelling that sometimes I found myself holding my breath while reading it. Rarely have I been so attached to characters and felt so transported to a time and place. This is an important and beautifully written must-read of a novel. Opal is a character I will never forget."
My Mistress' Eyes are Raven Black (2021)
Terry Roberts
"Terry Roberts' new novel is a literary thriller of the highest order: lyrical and suspenseful, with characters you will long remember. This is a heart-pounding, timely, and completely immersive read. It's also Roberts' finest hour."
In the Wild Light (2021)
Jeff Zentner
"An ode to the healing power of nature and art, but also a testament to the beauty of family both blood and created. No one else can write like Jeff Zentner."

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