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John Russell Fearn's picture

John Russell Fearn

(John Francis Russell Fearn)
UK flag (1908 - 1960)

aka Geoffrey Armstrong, Thornton Ayre, Hugo Blayn, Morton Boyce, Hank Carson, Dennis Clive, Hank Cole, Polton Cross, Mark Denholm, Douglas Dodd, Sheridan Drew, Max Elton, Matt Francis, Spike Gordon, Volsted Gridban, Griff, Malcolm Hartley, Conrad G Holt, Preston James, Frank Jones, Nat Karta, Marvin Kayne, Clem Larson, Herbert Lloyd, Paul Lorraine, Astron del Martia, Jed McCloud, Mick McCoy, Jed McNab, Dom Passante, Francis Rose, Laurence F Rose, Ward Ross, Frank Russell, John Russell, Arnold Ryden, Bryan Shaw, John Slate, Vargo Statten, Earl Titan, John Werheim, Ephraim Winiki

John Russell Fearn was an extremely prolific and popular British writer, who began in the American pulps, then almost single-handedly drove the post-World War II boom in British publishing with a flood of science fiction, detective stories, westerns, and adventure fiction. He employed numerous pseudonyms, such as Vargo Statten, Volstead Gridban, Hugo Blayn, Thorton Ayre, Polton Cross, Geoffrey Armstrong, Dennis Clive, John Cotton, Ephriam Winiki, Spike Gordon, and many others. He is noted for such grandly extravagant science fiction as "The Intelligence Gigantic" and "The Liners of Time", "Mathematica", and the Golden Amazon series. He was so popular that one of his pseudonyms became the editor of VARGO STATEN'S SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE in the 1950's. His work is noted for its vigor amd wild imagination. He has always had a substantial cult following and has been popular in translation around the world.
Jungle (as by Earl Titan)
2. Anjani, The Mighty

Deluge! (as by Arnold Ryden)
The Gold Bonanza (as by Thornton Ayre)
Laughter Out of Space (as by Dennis Clive)
The Wreckers (as by Geoffrey Armstrong)
Valley of Pretenders (1942) (as by Dennis Clive)
The Voice Commands (1942) (as by Dennis Clive)
The Intelligence Gigantic (1943)
Black Maria, MA (1944) (as by John Slate)
Maria Marches On (1945) (as by John Slate)
One Remained Seated (1946) (as by John Slate)
Other Eyes Watching (1946) (as by Polton Cross)
Except for One Thing (1947) (as by Hugo Blayn)
The Flying Horseman (1947)
Liners of Time (1947)
Slaves of Ijax (1947)
The Test Of Love (1947)
Thy Arm Alone (1947) (as by John Slate)
The Five Matchboxes (1948) (as by Hugo Blayn)
The Avenger (1948)
Framed In Guilt (1948) (as by John Slate)
Rustlers Canyon (1948)
Thunder Valley (1948)
Yellow Gulch Law (1948)
Account Settled (1949) (as by John Russell)
Dead Man's Shoes (1949)
Gunsmoke Valley (1949)
Murder's A Must (1949)
Outlaw's Legacy (1949) (as by Clem Larson)
Six-Gun Prodigal (1949) (as by Hank Cole)
Six-Guns Shoot To Kill (1949) (as by Hank Carson)
Stockwhip Sheriff (1949) (as by Polton Cross)
Tornado Trail (1949) (as by Marvin Kayne)
The Trembling World (1949) (as by Astron del Martia)
Valley Of The Doomed (1949)
Arizona Love (1950)
Aztec Gold (1950)
Bonanza (1950)
Death In Silhouette (1950) (as by John Slate)
Firewater (1950) (as by Jed McCloud)
Flashpoint (1950) (as by Hugo Blayn)
Ghost Canyon (1950) (as by Matt Francis)
The Hanging Nine (1950) (as by Ward Ross)
Hell's Acres (1950) (as by Mick McCoy)
Lead Law (1950) (as by Morton Boyce)
Merridew Rides Again (1950)
Rattlesnake (1950) (as by Hugo Blayn)
Retribution At Black Gap (1950) (as by Frank Russell)
Skeleton Pass (1950) (as by Max Elton)
The Gold of Akada (1951) (as by Earl Titan)
Golden Canyon (1951)
Guntoter From Kansas (1951) (as by Jed McNab)
The Hanging 9 (1951)
Injun Canyon (1951) (as by Jed McNab)
Merridrew Marches On (1951)
What Happened To Hammond? (1951) (as by Hugo Blayn)
Killer's Legacy (1952)
Merridrew Fights Again (1952)
Quorne Returns (1952)
Two Worlds (1952) (as by Paul Lorraine)
Zenith-D (1952) (as by Paul Lorraine)
Cosmic Exodus (1953) (as by Conrad G Holt)
Dark Boundaries (1953) (as by Paul Lorraine)
Don't Touch Me (1953) (as by Spike Gordon)
The Hell-Fruit (1953) (as by Laurence F Rose)
Liquid Death (1953) (as by Griff)
Merridrew Follows The Trail (1953)
Shattering Glass (1953) (as by Frank Russell)
You Take the Rap (1953) (as by Spike Gordon)
Accident Trail (1954) (as by Jed McCloud)
Feather-First Jones (1954) (as by Jed McCloud)
Vision Sinister (1954) (as by Nat Karta)
Secrets Of The Vase (1955) (as by Preston James)
The Silvered Cage (1955) (as by Hugo Blayn)
Navajo Vengeance (1956)
Phantom Avenger (1956) (as by Jed McNab)
Sheriff Of Dead-Man's Bend (1956) (as by Jed McNab)
One Against Time (1969) (as by Astron del Martia)
From Afar (1982)
Survivor of Mars (1982)
Worlds Within (1982)
No Grave Need I (1984)
The Slitherers (1984)
Climate Incorporated (1987)
Aftermath (1996)
Manton's World (1999)
Fires of Vengeance (2000) (as by John Slate)
The Sheriff of Mountain Shadow (2000) (as by Mark Denholm)
The Tattoo Murders (2003)
Voice of the Conqueror (2003)
Return to Akada (2010)
Glimpse (2010)
Endless Day (2010)
The Black Terror (2010)
One Way Out (2011) (with Philip Harbottle)
Bury the Hatchet (2014) (with Philip Harbottle)
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Thoughts that Kill (1939)

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