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Elizabeth Anne Hull

USA flag (1937 - 2021)
Wife of Frederik Pohl

Elizabeth Anne Hull was an  academic and authority on science fiction. She coedited Tales from the Planet Earth with Frederik Pohl, to whom she was married.
   Tales from the Planet Earth (1986) (with Lino Aldani, Brian Aldiss, Karl-Michael Armer, Jon Bing, Andre Carneiro, A Bertram Chandler, Ljuben Dilov, Tong Enzheng, Carlos Maria Federici, Harry Harrison, Sam J Lundwall, Joseph Nesvadba, Frederik Pohl, Spider Robinson, Tetsu Yano, Ye Yonglie and Janusz A Zajdel)
   Holiday Op (2009) (with Lori Avocato, Lia DeAngelo, DC DeVane, Anne Elizabeth and Tara Nina)
Anthologies edited
   Gateways (2010)