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Arthur B Reeve

(Arthur Benjamin Reeve)
USA flag (1880 - 1936)

Arthur Benjamin Reeve was an American mystery writer. He is best known for creating the series character Professor Craig Kennedy, sometimes called "The American Sherlock Holmes", and Kennedy's Dr. Watson-like sidekick Walter Jameson, a newspaper reporter, in 18 detective novels.

Genres: Mystery
Craig Kennedy, Scientific Detective
   1. The Silent Bullet (1910)
   2. The Poisoned Pen (1911)
   Constance Dunlap (1913)
   3. The Dream Doctor (1914)
   4. The War Terror (1915)
   5. The Social Gangster (1916)
   6. The Treasure Train (1916)
   8. The Gold Of The Gods (1915)
   9. The Film Mystery (1920)
   11. Guy Garrick (1914)
   The Death House (1914)
   The Exploits of Elaine (1914)
   The Ear in the Wall (1916)
   The Romance of Elaine (1916)
   The Triumph Of Elaine (1916)
   The Adventuress (1917)
   The Panama Plot (1918)
   The Soul Scar (1919)
   Craig Kennedy Listens In (1923)
   Atavar, the Dream Dancer (1924)
   Craig Kennedy On The Farm (1925)
   The Boy Scout's Craig Kennedy (1925)
   The Fourteen Points (1925)
   Pandora (1926)
   The Radio Detective (1926)
   The Kidnap Club (1932)
   The Clutching Hand (1934)
   Enter Craig Kennedy (1935)
   The Stars Scream Murder (1936)
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   The Black Hand (1912)
   The Diamond Queen (1917)
   The Master Mystery (1919) (with John W Grey)
   The Mystery Mind (1921) (with John W Grey)
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