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Gabriela Houston was born and raised in Poland, brought up on a diet of mythologies and fairy tales. She spent her summers exploring the woods, foraging and animal tracking with her family. At 19, Gabriela moved to London to study English Literature and obtained a Masters degree in literatures of modernity. She has worked for as an assistant editor and as a freelance writer. Gabriela's short stories have been selected for the Editor's Choice Review by Bewildering Stories and have been featured on the Ladies of Horror Fiction podcast. She lives in London with her husband, children and two cats.

Genres: Fantasy

Gabriela Houston recommends
Swashbucklers (2021)
Dan Hanks
"A team of world-saving teenage misfits is again called upon in their middle age to once more face the nightmare-inducing villain, while juggling school runs, work and housework. Hilarious and poignant, loved it!"
Deep Dive (2022)
Ron Walters
"Ron Walters' sci-fi debut, Deep Dive, packs an emotional punch while delivering believable, seamless world-building. For a parent, there's nothing more cold-sweat-inducing than imagining a world where your kids are erased from existence; just a blip on your mind, and absent from everyone else's.But that's exactly the horror facing Peter, who must find a way to reclaim a life only he seems to remember. A brilliant, quick-paced read."
Obsidian (2022)
Sarah J Daley
"Sarah J Daley's deftly-crafted debut, Obsidian, introduces us to the island nation of Malavita, protected by the magically-erected 'Veils', separating its population from the demonic blight of the barren wastes. Malavita is ruled from afar by an Empire keen to exploit its rich natural resources, and by the corrupt Brotherhood of blood magicians. Into this complex political landscape the Empire sends Captain Raiden Mad, to explore the possibility of erecting a new Veil with the help of a local prince and an outlaw witch. Daley weaves a powerful tale of friendship, power and sacrifice, with a rich cast of characters led by loyalty and ambition. A sure crowd-pleaser."

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