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James R. Hannibal is a former US Air Force Stealth Bomber pilot with over a thousand hours of combat experience including over-watch, close air support, and HVI captures. He graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 1997 with a bachelors of science in Middle Eastern Studies and earned a masters of science from Central Missouri State University in Aviation Safety Sciences. His flying career included the A-10 Warthog, B-2 Stealth Bomber, MQ-1 Predator, T-38 Talon, T-37 Tweet, and the Boeing 737, 757, and 767. When he is not flying or writing thrillers, James occasionally reviews for the New York Journal of Books.

Genres: Inspirational, Children's Fiction
New and upcoming books
Stealth Command
   1. Wraith (2010)
Nick Baron
   1. Shadow Catcher (2013)
   2. Shadow Maker (2014)
Section 13
   1. The Lost Property Office (2016)
   2. The Fourth Ruby (2017)
   3. The Clockwork Dragon (2019)
Lightraider Academy
   1. Wolf Soldier (2021)
   2. Bear Knight (2023)
   3. Lion Warrior (2024)
   The Paris Betrayal (2021)
   Elysium Tide (2022)
Non fiction show
James R Hannibal recommends
Lights Out (2021)
(Snap Agency, book 1)
Natalie Walters
"Natalie Walters nails it with Lights Out--heart-pounding suspense and details so real you have to wonder who she's really working for."
The Thin Black Line (2015)
(Mike Walton Thriller, book 1)
Simon Gervais
"The Thin Black Line is a heart-pounding read! Simon Gervais weaves bona-fide tradecraft into a high-octane story that never lets up. This is one thriller you don’t want to miss!"

Award nominations
2015 International Thriller Writers Award for Best Paperback original (nominee) : Shadow Maker

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