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Maureen Child

USA flag (1951 - )

aka Ann Carberry, Regan Hastings, Kathleen Kane

I've been writing romances for twelve years now and sold my first book inSeptember of 1990. It was a wonderful story with a terrible title-RUN WILDMY HEART-(not my idea), and was published by Berkley.Since then, I've sold more than fifty books in several different genresunder just as many names. (That's a long story.) But in recent years I havebeen known as, Ann Carberry, Sarah Hart, Kathleen Kane and Maureen Child.Ann and Sarah have retired now, but Kathleen and I are still in the game!

As Kathleen Kane, I write historical/paranormal romances for St. Martin'sPress. Mostly set in the American west, these stories are usually funny,hopefully touching and always have a happy ending! (Otherwise, what would bethe point?) In Kathleen's books, I get to play with the other side of life.The side that's never predictable. There have been soul collectors andghosts and witches and angels and magical tinkers and reincarnation and, ohall sorts of fun things.

And exciting things, too! Last October, CBS made a movie based on my book, APOCKETFUL OF PARADISE. They retitled the movie, The Soul Collector, and itstarred Melissa Gilbert, Bruce Greenwood and Ossie Davis. If you're feelingbrave, go to the link on this page to see pictures of my husband and I onthe set. We had a blast!

As Maureen Child, I write contemporary romances for Silhouette Desire. Youwon't find ghosts or any other unexplainable happenings in these stories.But you will find humor, and love and maybe a tug or two on yourheartstrings. Right now, I'm writing an ongoing series called The BachelorBattalion about U.S. Marines and the people they love. There is justsomething about a man in uniform...but I digress. And I promise, the end ofmy books will always leave you smiling.

As for my life beyond writing...In the real world, I live in California withmy patient, understanding, and long suffering husband and my two kids-whoare not technically kids anymore, but that's another story, too. Oh yes, andI can't forget Abbey, the Golden Retriever who actually runs this place. Ifshe had opposable thumbs, she could probably rule the world.

Lonergan's Summer Of Secrets
1. Expecting Lonergan's Baby (2006)
2. Strictly Lonergan's Business (2006) (in Strictly Lonergan's Business / Durango Affair)
3. Satisfying Lonergan's Honor (2006)
1. Eternally (2006)
2. Nevermore (2007)

Queen of the Otherworld
1. Bedeviled (2009)
2. Beguiled (2009)
Loving Hearts (1993) (with Jill Marie Landis, Colleen Quinn and Jodi Thomas)
Special Delivery (2002) (with B J James)
Secret Child (2002) (with Alexandra Sellers)
Up Close and Passionate (2002) (with Alexandra Sellers)
The Romance Collection (2002) (with Marie Ferrarella and Sharon Sala)
Love Is Murder (2003) (with Rebecca Brandewyne and Linda Winstead Jones)
The Marine and the Debutante / Wild About a Texan (2003) (with Jan Hudson)
The Sheikh Takes a Bride / The Seal's Surrender (2003) (with Caroline Cross)
Searching for Her Prince / The Royal Treatment (2003) (with Karen Rose Smith)
His Christmas Bride (2003) (with Dallas Schulze)
Kiss Me, Cowboy! / The Tycoon's Lady (2004) (with Katherine Garbera)
Man Beneath the Uniform / Playing by the Baby Rules (2004) (with Michelle Celmer)
Where There's Smoke... / Beauty and The Blue Angel (2004) (with Barbara McCauley)
His Virgin Seductress (2004) (with Linda Turner)
Dynasties: Summer in Savannah (2004) (with Barbara McCauley and Sheri Whitefeather)
Sheik and the Princess in Waiting / Forever...Again (2004) (with Susan Mallery)
Sleeping with the Boss / The Cowboy's Baby Surprise (2004) (with Linda Conrad)
Summer Surrender (2004) (with Peggy Webb)
The Cinderella Scandal / Man Beneath the Uniform (2004) (with Barbara McCauley)
Lost in Sensation / Very Private Duty (2005) (with Rochelle Alers)
Tempting Mrs. Reilly / Bedroom Secrets (2005) (with Michelle Celmer)
Whatever Reilly Wants... / Sultan's Bed (2005) (with Laura Wright)
Last Reilly Standing / Craving Beauty (2005) (with Nalini Singh)
Lost in Sensation / For Services Rendered (2005) (with Anne Marie Winston)
Seducing Reilly / Tempting Mrs Reilly / Whatever Reilly Wants... (2006)
Society-Page Seduction / Just A Taste (2006) (with Bronwyn Jameson)
Her Fifth Husband? / Last Reilly Standing (2006) (with Dixie Browning)
His Virgin Temptress (2006) (with Eileen Wilks)
Strictly Lonergan's Business / Durango Affair (2006) (with Brenda Jackson)
For the Twins (2006) (with Joan Elliott Pickart)
Christmas Together (2006) (with Allison Leigh)
Expecting Lonergan's Baby / Sins of His Past (2007) (with Roxanne St Claire)
The Connellys (2007) (with Metsy Hingle and Kate Little)
Strictly Lonergan's Business / Pregnant with the First Heir (2007) (with Sara Orwig)
Satisfying Lonergan's Honour / Revenge of the Second Son (2007) (with Sara Orwig)
Once-A-Mistress Wife / Part-Time Wife (2007) (with Katherine Garbera)
Crown & Glory (2007) (with Karen Rose Smith and Patricia Thayer)
Holiday With A Vampire (2007) (with Caridad Piñeiro)
Duty & Desire (2008) (with Catherine Mann)
Prince's Mistress / Thirty Day Affair (2008) (with Day Leclaire)
One-Click Buy: March Silhouette Desire (2008) (with Anna DePalo, Katherine Garbera, Robyn Grady, Diana Palmer and Maxine Sullivan)
One-Click Buy: April Silhouette Desire (2008) (with Leanne Banks, Jan Colley, Bronwyn Jameson, Emily McKay and Sara Orwig)
One-Click Buy: May 2008 Silhouette Desire (2008) (with Olivia Gates, Day Leclaire, Ann Major, Paula Roe and Emilie Rose)
One-Click Buy: July Silhouette Desire (2008) (with Jan Colley, Olivia Gates, Day Leclaire, Emilie Rose and Maxine Sullivan)
High-society Secret Pregnancy / Illegitimate Prince's Baby (2008) (with Michelle Celmer)
One-Click Buy: September Silhouette Desire (2008) (with Anna DePalo, Cathleen Galitz, Day Leclaire, Tessa Radley and Paula Roe)
Scorned by the Boss / Texan's Secret Past (2008) (with Peggy Moreland)
Iron Cowboy / Seduced by the Rich Man (2008) (with Diana Palmer)
One-Click Buy: October Silhouette Desire (2008) (with Joan Hohl, Brenda Jackson, Jennifer Lewis, Tessa Radley and Laura Wright)
Captured by the Billionaire / Sold into Marriage (2008) (with Ann Major)
Cattleman's Woman (2008) (with Anne McAllister and Diana Palmer)
Bargaining for King's Baby / Wealthy Frenchman's Proposition (2009) (with Katherine Garbera)
Falling for King's Fortune / Seduction, Westmoreland Style (2009) (with Brenda Jackson)
One-Click Buy: January 2009 Silhouette Desire (2009) (with Leanne Banks, Maya Banks, Annette Broadrick, Michelle Celmer and Merline Lovelace)
Marrying for King's Millions / Spanish Aristocrat's Woman (2009) (with Katherine Garbera)
Baby Bonanza / For Blackmail...or Pleasure? (2009) (with Robyn Grady)
One-Click Buy: June 2009 Silhouette Desire (2009) (with Olivia Gates, Robyn Grady, Ann Major, Sara Orwig and Maxine Sullivan)
Wanted by the Boss (2009) (with Kathie DeNosky and Meagan McKinney)
One-Click Buy: September 2009 Silhouette Desire (2009) (with Kathie DeNosky, Robyn Grady, Emily McKay, Emilie Rose and Charlene Sands)
One-Click Buy: October 2009 Silhouette Desire (2009) (with Michelle Celmer, Kathie DeNosky, Catherine Mann and Emilie Rose)
Love- from His Point of View! (2009) (with Eileen Wilks and Anne Marie Winston)
One-Click Buy: November 2009 Silhouette Desire (2009) (with Michelle Celmer, Joan Hohl and Brenda Jackson)
An Officer and a Millionaire / Mr Strictly Business (2009) (with Day Leclaire)
Best Is Yet to Come / Maternity Bride (2010) (with Diana Palmer)
Propositioned Into a Foreign Affair / Seduced Into a Paper Marriage (2010) (with Catherine Mann)
One-Click Buy: July 2010 Silhouette Desire (2010) (with Katherine Garbera, Robyn Grady, Jennifer Lewis, Catherine Mann and Charlene Sands)
Conquering King's Heart / Montana Mistress (2010) (with Sara Orwig)
Claiming King's Baby / Wyoming Wedding (2010) (with Sara Orwig)
Wedding at King's Convenience / Bedding the Secret Heiress (2010) (with Emilie Rose)
Under the Millionaire's Mistletoe (2010) (with Sandra Hyatt)
Last Lone Wolf / Seduction and the Ceo (2011) (with Barbara Dunlop)
Vacation With a Vampire...and Other Immortals (2011) (with Maggie Shayne)
The Elliotts: Bedrooms Not Boardrooms! (2011) (with Kathie DeNosky and Emilie Rose)
Honour-Bound Groom / Cinderella & the CEO (2011) (with Yvonne Lindsay)
Claiming Her Billion-Dollar Birthright / Falling for His Proper Mistress (2011) (with Tessa Radley)
Lonergan's Secrets (2011)
Society Wives: Love or Money (2011) (with Katherine Garbera and Bronwyn Jameson)
Have Baby, Need Billionaire / The Boss's Baby Affair (2011) (with Tessa Radley)
Millionaire: Needed for One Month (2012) (with Susan Crosby and Christie Ridgway)
Kiss Me, I'm Irish (2012) (with Jill Shalvis and Roxanne St Claire)
Reasons for Revenge (2012)
King's Million-Dollar Secret / Billionaire's Jet-Set Babies (2012) (with Catherine Mann)
The Temporary Mrs King / The Paternity Proposition (2012) (with Merline Lovelace)
To Kiss a King / The Paternity Promise (2012) (with Merline Lovelace)
Christmas Unwrapped (2012) (with Sandra Hyatt, Jennifer LaBrecque, Rhonda Nelson and Vicki Lewis Thompson)
Sheikh's Redemption / Up Close and Personal (2012) (with Olivia Gates)
The Sheikh's Claim / An Outrageous Proposal (2012) (with Olivia Gates)
The King Next Door / Bedroom Diplomacy (2013) (with Michelle Celmer)
Cowboy Heaven Boxed Set (2013)
Rumour Has it / A Very Exclusive Engagement (2013) (with Andrea Laurence)
The Lone Star Cinderella / A Cowboy's Tempation (2013) (with Barbara Dunlop)
Harlequin Desire October 2013 - Bundle 2 of 2 (2013) (with Rachel Bailey and Janice Maynard)
Her Return to King's Bed / A Billionaire for Christmas (2013) (with Janice Maynard)
Sizzling Christmas Collection (2013) (with Karen Foley, Sandra Hyatt, Leslie Kelly, Julie Kenner, Jennifer LaBrecque, Rhonda Nelson, Joanne Rock, Jill Shalvis, Cara Summers, Vicki Lewis Thompson and Tawny Weber)
Harlequin Desire December 2013 - Bundle 1 of 2 (2013) (with Kate Carlisle and Janice Maynard)
The Highest Bidder (2014) (with Barbara Dunlop, Yvonne Lindsay, Paula Roe, Charlene Sands and Cat Schield)
More Than Words / Acts of Kindness / Whispers of the Heart / It's Not about the Dress / The Princess Shoes (2014) (with Stephanie Bond and Brenda Jackson)
The Taste of Romance Collection (2014) (with Natalie Charles, Cynthia Cooke, Mira Lyn Kelly, Soraya Lane, Marion Lennox, Jennie Lucas, Christine Merrill, Cassie Miles and Kira Sinclair)
The Black Sheep's Inheritance / A Not-So-innocent Seduction (2014) (with Janice Maynard)
Harlequin Desire March 2014 - Bundle 1 of 2 (2014) (with Brenda Jackson and Paula Roe)
Kings of California (2014)
Tempting the Millionaire (2014) (with Jackie Braun and Cassie Miles)
By Request Collection 1 (2014) (with Lindsay Armstrong, Jackie Braun, Michelle Celmer, Cara Colter, Brenda Harlen, Fiona Lowe, Cassie Miles, Anne Oliver and Susan Stephens)
Harlequin Desire August 2014 - Bundle 1 of 2 (2014) (with Rachel Bailey and Kat Cantrell)
The Best of Desire (2014) (with Kate Carlisle, Michelle Celmer, Kathie DeNosky, Katherine Garbera, Olivia Gates, Ann Major and Catherine Mann)
Best of Man of the Month (2014) (with Day Leclaire, Yvonne Lindsay and Susan Mallery)
Committed to the Baby (2014) (with Teresa Southwick)
Harlequin Desire November 2014 - Box Set 2 of 2 (2014) (with Olivia Gates and Linda Thomas-Sundstrom)
By Request Collection (2015) (with Natalie Anderson, Helen Brooks, Aimee Carson, Maggie Cox, Lilian Darcy, Christina Hollis, Kimberly Lang, Day Leclaire, Marion Lennox, Sarah Mayberry, Melanie Milburne, Sarah Morgan, Elizabeth Power, Heidi Rice and Kate Walker)
At the Rancher's Request / After Hours with Her Ex (2015) (with Sara Orwig)
By Request Collection Part 2 (2015) (with Natalie Anderson, Kathie DeNosky, Sarah Mayberry, Susan Meier, Melanie Milburne, Elizabeth Power, Tessa Radley, Chantelle Shaw and Kate Walker)
The Jarrods: Temptation (2015) (with Kathie DeNosky and Tessa Radley)
Harlequin Desire March 2015 - Box Set 2 of 2 (2015) (with Sara Orwig and Cat Schield)
Have Baby, Need Billionaire / The Sarantos Secret Baby (2015) (with Olivia Gates)
Minding Her Boss's Business / Triple the Fun (2015) (with Janice Maynard)
Harlequin Desire May 2015 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2015) (with Emily McKay and Sara Orwig)
Demanding His Brother's Heirs / Having Her Boss's Baby (2015) (with Michelle Celmer)
Harlequin Desire August 2015 - Box Set 2 of 2 (2015) (with Karen Booth and Kat Cantrell)
In the Tycoon's Bed (2015) (with Barbara Dunlop and Katherine Garbera)
A Baby for the Boss / Pregnant by the Rival CEO (2015) (with Karen Booth)
Harlequin Desire January 2016 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2016) (with Karen Booth and Sara Orwig)
Billionaire Bosses: Office Scandals (2016) (with Kim Lawrence and Catherine Mann)
The CEO's Unexpected Child / Snowbound with the Boss (2016) (with Andrea Laurence)
His Seductive Proposal (2016) (with Ann Major and Janice Maynard)
Harlequin Desire March 2016 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2016) (with Kristi Gold and Andrea Laurence)
A Bride For The Boss / The Boss and His Cowgirl (2016) (with Silver James)
Harlequin Desire Pregnant in Texas (2016) (with Kat Cantrell and Charlene Sands)
Harlequin Desire June 2016 - Box Set 2 of 2 (2016) (with Silver James and Yvonne Lindsay)
Harlequin Desire July 2016 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2016) (with Barbara Dunlop and Elizabeth Lane)
Secrets Of The Night (2016) (with Kat Cantrell, Katherine Garbera and Ann Major)
Special Deliveries Collection (2016) (with Caroline Anderson, Amanda Berry, Lisa Childs, Kathie DeNosky, Brenda Harlen, Elizabeth Lane, Beverly Long, Carol Marinelli and Maisey Yates)
Special Deliveries: A Baby With Her Best Friend (2016) (with Caroline Anderson and Kathie DeNosky)
The Texan's One-Night Standoff / Maid Under the Mistletoe (2016) (with Charlene Sands)
Harlequin Desire December 2016 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2016) (with Sarah M Anderson and Andrea Laurence)
His By Any Means (2016) (with Kristi Gold and Yvonne Lindsay)
The Mistresses Collection (2016) (with Natalie Anderson, Caitlin Crews, Lucy Ellis, Robyn Grady, Lynne Graham, Mira Lyn Kelly, Yvonne Lindsay, Cathy Williams and Maisey Yates)
Mistresses: Enemies To Lovers (2016) (with Caitlin Crews and Cathy Williams)
The Tycoon's Secret Child / Single Mum, Billionaire Boss (2016) (with Sheri Whitefeather)
Harlequin Desire January 2017 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2017) (with Sara Orwig and Sheri Whitefeather)
His Little Secret (2017) (with Andrea Laurence and Janice Maynard)
The Baby Favour / His Unexpected Heir (2017) (with Andrea Laurence)
Harlequin Desire June 2017 - Box Set 2 of 2 (2017) (with Jules Bennett and Dani Wade)
Harlequin Desire July 2017 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2017) (with Kat Cantrell and Andrea Laurence)
Billionaire's Baby Bind / Fiance in Name Only (2017) (with Katherine Garbera)
Fiance in Name Only (2017)
Harlequin Desire October 2017 - Box Set 2 of 2 (2017) (with Kat Cantrell and Andrea Laurence)
One Night Of Sensual Bargains (2018) (with Susanna Carr and Jennie Lucas)


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