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Jennifer Lewis has been making up stories since the day she was born. She always loved to draw as well as write and as a child she drew graphic novellas featuring penniless but plucky Cinderella heroines. Her love of daydreaming earned me the nickname "Dozy Duck" in Kindergarten, and she still consider staring into space to be a constructive activity.

Jennifer was born in Manhattan but her family moved to London when she was six months old, toting her along in a cat basket. She grew up as a Brit and traveled extensively in Europe during my only-slightly-misspent formative years.She came back to the States to earn a bachelor's degree in Semiotics from Brown University and begin a journey into the world of trans-Atlantic accents that she has still not fully emerged from. On graduation she returned to New York, where she learned to explain Semiotics on job interviews ("It's the study of signs and systems of meaning!") and to apply her knowledge in a very enjoyable career at a television museum.After a couple of detours--her son and her daughter--Jennifer focused all her creative energy on writing and her first book came out from Silhouette Desire in 2007.

Her family recently moved from New York to a a rural area near London, England, where we're enjoying views of sheep and trail riding in the woods. She looks forward to staring into space some more and dreaming up new stories to share with readers.

Genres: Romance
New Books
   Shattered by the CEO / Boss's Demand (2008) (with Emilie Rose)
   OneClick Buy: April 2009 Silhouette Desire (2009) (with Katherine Garbera, Yvonne Lindsay, Sara Orwig, Tessa Radley and Emilie Rose)
   Desert Lord's Baby / Seduced for the Inheritance (2009) (with Olivia Gates)
   Prince of Midtown / Marriage, Manhattan Style (2009) (with Barbara Dunlop)
   Do Not Disturb Until Christmas / Black Sheep Billionaire (2009) (with Charlene Sands)
   Bedded by Blackmail / Millionaire's Secret Seduction (2009) (with Robyn Grady)
   In the Argentine's Bed / Secret Baby, Public Affair (2010) (with Yvonne Lindsay)
   One-Click Buy: July 2010 Silhouette Desire (2010) (with Maureen Child, Katherine Garbera, Robyn Grady, Catherine Mann and Charlene Sands)
   Prodigal Prince's Seduction / Heir's Scandalous Affair (2010) (with Olivia Gates)
   Maverick's Virgin Mistress / Lone Star Seduction (2010) (with Day Leclaire)
   The Desert Prince / The Playboy's Proposition (2011) (with Leanne Banks)
   Bachelors Bought Bride / CEO's Expectant Secretary (2011) (with Leanne Banks)
   The Prince's Pregnant Bride / Billionaire Baby Dilemma (2011) (with Barbara Dunlop)
   At His Majesty's Convenience / Her Little Secret, His Hidden Heir (2011) (with Heidi Betts)
   A Wife for a Westmoreland / Claiming His Royal Heir (2011) (with Brenda Jackson)
   Cinderella Act / Bachhelor Undone (2012) (with Brenda Jackson)
   Beguiling the Boss / A Trap So Tender (2013) (with Joan Hohl)
   Deep in a Texan's Heart / Affairs of State (2013) (with Sara Orwig)
   The Sheikh Who Desired Her (2013) (with Abby Green and Tessa Radley)
   Millionaire Mavericks (2014) (with Michelle Celmer and Day Leclaire)
   Harlequin Desire October 2014 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2014) (with Andrea Laurence and Janice Maynard)
   Harlequin Desire November 2014 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2014) (with Sarah M Anderson and Catherine Mann)
   Mistress to the Magnate (2015) (with Leanne Banks and Michelle Celmer)
   Bedded By The Boss (2016) (with Joan Hohl and Yvonne Lindsay)
   Once Upon A Kiss... (2016) (with Michelle Celmer and Olivia Gates)
   Risking It All... (2018) (with Brenda Jackson and Yvonne Lindsay)
   Desired By The Boss (2019) (with Leah Ashton and Catherine Mann)
   After Hours: Power And Passion (2021) (with Carla Cassidy and Candace Shaw)
   Royal Rebels: Forbidden To The Crown (2021) (with Leanne Banks, Amanda Cinelli, Caitlin Crews and Merline Lovelace)
   The After Hours Collection (2021) (with Sarah M Anderson, Maya Blake, Phyllis Bourne, Carla Cassidy, Harmony Evans, Brenda Harlen, Kate Hewitt, Brenda Jackson, Shirley Jump, Sarah Morgan, Soraya Naomi, Yahrah St John and Candace Shaw)
   The Royal Rebels And After Hours Collection (2021) (with Sarah M Anderson, Leanne Banks, Jules Bennett, Ally Blake, Maya Blake, Andrea Bolter, Phyllis Bour, Olivia Gates, Kristi Gold, Kate Hewitt, Kelly Hunter, Merline Lovelace, Sarah Morgan, Annie O'Neil and Debra Webb)
   The Royal Rebels Collection (2021) (with Leanne Banks, Jules Bennett, Ally Blake, Andrea Bolter, Ellie Darkins, Olivia Gates, Kristi Gold, Kate Hewitt, Kelly Hunter, Sandra Hyatt, Melissa James, Merline Lovelace and Annie O'Neil)
   The Confessions Collection (2023) (with Maya Blake, Niobia Bryant, Maureen Child, Dani Collins, Clare Connelly, Barbara Dunlop, Lucy Ellis, Katherine Garbera, Lynne Graham, Julia James, Julie Miller, Cat Schield and Joss Wood)

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