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Katherine Heiny

Katherine Heiny is the author of Single, Carefree, Mellow, published by Knopf. She lives with her husband and children in Bethesda, Maryland.

Genres: General Fiction
   561 (2018)
Katherine Heiny recommends
Next Year for Sure (2017)
Zoey Leigh Peterson
"Her bright, clear prose is as addictive and deceiving as a bottle of prosecco: you think one more sip, just one more sip--and before you know it, it's three in the morning."
The Misfortune of Marion Palm (2017)
Emily Culliton
"There are only two questions regarding The Misfortune of Marion Palm: Do you read it quickly or do you read it slowly? You'll want to race through it and yet there is brilliance to savor in every single sentence."
George and Lizzie (2017)
Nancy Pearl
"Nancy Pearl understands the desperate, confused, needy heart that beats under the surface of even the most dysfunctional of relationships, and exposes it with wit and genuine love. Oh, and you'll never think about football quite the same way again."
Sociable (2018)
Rebecca Harrington
"Anybody who’s ever been young, heartbroken, overdrawn, or posted a regrettable Instagram photo—in other words, everyone, everywhere—should read this book. Rebecca Harrington demonstrates how painful it is for a millennial to be dragged, kicking and protesting, into adulthood, and then she makes you laugh. Sociable is a rare achievement."
Little Disasters (2018)
Randall Klein
"Randall Klein turns up the heat of suspense degree by degree in his haunting novel of lives unraveling. Little Disasters is an enthralling, beautifully written debut—nothing ‘little’ about it.’"
My Ex-Life (2018)
Stephen McCauley
"Before you read My Ex-Life, make sure the person you sleep with is willing to be woken constantly by your laughter. Stephen McCauley writes sparkling, graceful, witty prose with an ease and fluency that seems like sleight-of-hand. If I were the kind of reader who highlighted brilliant passages, the whole entire book would be underlined."

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