Ai Jiang

Genres: Horror
Novellas and Short Stories
   Linghun (2023)
   I AM AI (2023)
Anthologies edited
   Wilted Pages (2023) (with Christi Nogle)
Ai Jiang recommends
Withered (2024)
A G A Wilmot
"Withered is a slow burn psychological horror that will consume its readers through its exploration of the toxicity and timelessness of grief and the way it chokes all those it touches. The time-paused town of Black Stone reveals to readers what it means to conquer death and what it means to be alive. Wilmot elegantly illuminates the power of art and its impact on identity and memory, while painting a vivid definition of a ghost town with their prose."
The Neverborn Thief (2024)
Andrew Najberg
"Equal parts dark portal fantasy, mystery, and adventure in the vein of Coraline, Tales of Earthsea, and Narnia. Najberg crafts a wonderful coming of age tale that explores the things we lose and gain with age, the burdens and responsibilities we must carry, where the Shadowlands is a metaphor for the murky navigations through adulthood and the lessons it holds: truths, lies, and the in-between. This book brings us on a journey of lessons and teachings through stories, of how to be resilient and remaining hopeful, knowing when to ask for help, and the lessons that we must learn alone. At its heart is a story of injustice, corruption, and the kind hearts that shine through it all."
This Wretched Valley (2024)
Jenny Kiefer
"This Wretched Valley is suspenseful, mysterious, and filled with racing adrenaline and paranoia. Jenny Kiefer calls us to question reality along with the novel's characters and haunts us with repeating pasts and rotting bones both refleshed and unfleshed."

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Anthologies containing stories by Ai Jiang
Shadows in the Stacks (2024)
edited by
Vincent V Cava, James Sabata and Jared Sage
The Dark Issue 106 (2024)
(Dark Issue, book 106)

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