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DANIEL KRAUS is a Chicago-based writer and filmmaker. He is the director of six feature films, including Sheriff (2006 season premiere of PBS's Emmy-winning "Independent Lens") and Musician (2007 New York Times Critics' Pick). His first novel, The Monster Variations, comes out in August from Random House/Delacorte. His second novel, Rotters, will come out from Random House/Delacorte in 2011. He has written regularly for such magazines as Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Maxim, and Salon.com.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Science Fiction

Non fiction
Daniel Kraus recommends
Take Me With You (2020)
Tara Altebrando
"A blistering, plausible, paranoia-fueled tale about the monsters birthed by our digital footprints."
The Seventh Mansion (2020)
Maryse Meijer
"Maryse Meijer's The Seventh Mansion is one of the best books I've read in years. I feel like I've been waiting all my life for this book, like it was written specifically for me. It does what I treasure most in fiction: it takes the grotesque and makes it gorgeous. It humanizes all of us by humanizing one of us. Meijer makes the unholy holy, turns the grim dark into the blinding light. I don't recall reading a book simultaneously so horrifying and so romantic. This book made me dizzy with writer's envy and did that most wonderful of things: it made me want to try harder, be better. The Seventh Mansion is aflame with passion and I want to burn inside it forever."
You've Lost a Lot of Blood (2022)
Eric LaRocca
"LaRocca proves that the sickest minds can have the biggest hearts - he's a twisted, tender new talent."
Dark Factory (2022)
Kathe Koja
"Koja writes like she's an entire collective of artists, senses in overdrive, voracious for the next hit of art that will push them--and us--over the edge. This is pure energy, a glow-in-the-dark vision of a new kind of writing."

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