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Mur Lafferty

USA flag (b.1973)

Mur Lafferty is an author, podcaster, and editor. She lives in Durham, NC, with her husband and 11 year old daughter.

Mur has written for several magazines including Knights of the Dinner Table, Anime Insider, and The Escapist.

Mur is studying for her MFA in Popular Fiction at the Stone coast program at the University of Southern Maine.

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Children's Fiction
Mur Lafferty recommends
City of Stairs (2014)
(Divine Cities, book 1)
Robert Jackson Bennett
"Alien and human at the same time, Bennett's world is engrossing and fascinating. The pacing kept me reading far later than was healthy."
Idle Ingredients (2017)
(Sin du Jour Affair, book 4)
Matt Wallace
"No one makes me think. Dammit, I should have thought of that!' like Matt Wallace."
The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion (2017)
(Danielle Cain, book 1)
Margaret Killjoy
"Utterly engrossing from the first sentence; it refuses to let you go."
The Uploaded (2017)
Ferrett Steinmetz
"Amazing. I have literally never read a book like this. Read this NOW, if only to be forced to turn the page wondering what the hell Steinmetz is going to come up with next."
Barbary Station (2017)
(Shieldrunner Pirates, book 1)
R E Stearns
"Grabs you in chapter one and doesn't let go. This book is for everyone who ever wanted to be a space pirate."
Miranda in Milan (2019)
Katharine Duckett
"Gorgeous and engrossing, Miranda in Milan gives us a look at what happens when a fish out of water returns to her pond, forever changed."
Salvation Day (2019)
Kali Wallace
"Salvation Day is a masterful story set at a screaming pace. It had me holding on for dear life all the way through. I loved it."
A Song for a New Day (2019)
Sarah Pinsker
"A Song For a New Day is amazing. Pinsker has one of the strongest voices for character in fiction today; everything her characters do is compelling. Pinsker accomplishes a scary look at a future and still gives us comfort within it. She helps us remember that the world isn't over yet, after all."
Salvaged (2019)
Madeleine Roux
"The rich description dumps you right into the world of Salvaged and won't let you go. Roux engages all senses; this is sometimes a good thing, sometimes bad, always brilliant. . . . I loved it!"

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