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Gary Jonas writes books from a secret farmhouse location somewhere in Oklahoma. Oddly enough, he doesn't even know the address, which is probably why it's a secret. Good thing he knows how to get there, though. He has never worked for the CIA and the rumors about him working for the Bilderberg Group are total hogwash. Really.

As for the books, let's start with the Jonathan Shade urban fantasy series. Shade is a private investigator who handles cases dealing with magic and the paranormal. He has a magically engineered assassin named Kelly Chan who keeps him alive, and a ghost secretary named Esther from the 1920s flapper era who loves him and helps with his cases.

Genres: Fantasy
Deja Doo (1999) (with Mason Anderson, Rick Grant, Selina Rosen, Bradley Sinor, Nathan Stimmel, Lynn Stranathan and Brand Whitlock)
Quick Shots (2012)
Edward Bryant's Sphere Of Influence (2017) (with Mario Acevedo, Kevin J Anderson, Bruce Boston, Eneasz Brodski, Edward Bryant, Denise E Dora, Wayne Faust, Jamie Ferguson, Richard E Friesen, Janis Ian, Kent Johnson, Lucy Tayor and Steve Rasnic Tem)
Unlikely Heroes (2017) (with Kristin Helling, Freddie Kim, Daniel Martone, Laura Martone, Arthur Mayor, Kendrai Meeks, Adam Myhr, J R Roberts, Matt Ryan, Audrey Sharpe and Rory Stathos)
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Anthologies containing stories by Gary Jonas
Short stories
Single White Vampire (1995)
So You Wanna Be a Hitman (1997)
Omar's One True Love (1999)