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Robert Bloch

USA flag (1917 - 1994)

aka Tarleton Fiske, Wilson Kane, Collier Young

Robert Bloch wrote a fan letter to H P Lovecraft at the age of 16. Lovecraft encouraged the young boy to begin writing fiction and to submit his stories to Weird Tales. Thus began a 60-year writing career that is one of the most distinguished in the horror and mystery field. Bloch is today most famous as the author of Psycho. He is also well-known for having said, "Despite my ghoulish reputation, I really have the heart of a small boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk."

Genres: Horror, Mystery
   1. Psycho (1959)
   2. Psycho II (1982)
   3. Psycho House (1990)
     aka Psycho III
   The Scarf (1947)
   The Kidnapper (1954)
   Spiderweb (1954)
   The Will to Kill (1954)
   The Shooting Star (1958)
   This Crowded Earth (1958)
   The Dead Beat (1960)
   Firebug (1961)
   The Couch (1962)
   The Star Stalker (1968)
   The Todd Dossier (1969) (as by Collier Young)
   It's All in Your Mind (1971)
   Night-World (1972)
   American Gothic (1974)
   The Cunning (1979)
     aka There Is a Serpent in Eden
   The Night of the Ripper (1984)
   Lori (1989)
   The Jekyll Legacy (1990) (with Andre Norton)
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Graphic Novels
   Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper (2010) (with Kevin Colden, Joe R Lansdale and John L Lansdale)
   The Crowded Earth (2008)
   That Hellbound Train (2011) (with Joe R Lansdale and John L Lansdale)
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Robert Bloch
The Night Side (1947)
Far Boundaries (1951)
Fever Dream and Other Fantasies (1951)
Night's Yawning Peal (1952)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1957)
The Fantastic Universe Omnibus (1960)
Spine Chillers (1961)
Dark Mind Dark Heart (1962)
The Fiend in You (1962)
The 4th Pan Book of Horror Stories (1963)
The Vampire (1963)
When Evil Wakes (1963)
Kurt Singer's Ghost Omnibus (1964)
Sleep No More (1964)
The Boris Karloff Horror Anthology (1965)
Everyman's Book of Classic Horror Stories (1965)
Beyond the Curtain of Dark (1966)
I Can't Sleep at Night (1966)
The Playboy Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy (1966)
Terror! (1966)
Dangerous Visions 1 (1967)
New Worlds of Fantasy (1967)
     aka Step Outside Your Mind
The Playboy Book of Horror and the Supernatural (1967)
Tales of Terror (1967)
Time Untamed (1967)
The Evil People (1968)
Hauntings (1968)
Legends for the Dark (1968)
The Midnight People (1968)
The Man Who Called Himself Poe (1969)
Other Worlds, Other Times (1969)
The Satanists (1969)
Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos Volume 2 (1969)
The Unspeakable People (1969)
The Witchcraft Reader (1969)
The Freak Show (1970)
The Hollywood Nightmare (1970)
A Sea of Space (1970)
The Ghouls Book 2 (1971)
The Necromancers (1971)
The Year's Best Horror Stories (1971)
Partners in Wonder (1971)
The Year's Best Horror Stories II (1972)
The 7th Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories (1972)
The Edge of Never (1973)
The Nightmare Reader Volume 2 (1973)
Summoned from the Tomb (1973)
The Hounds of Hell (1974)
Christopher Lee's New Chamber of Horrors (1974)
The Devil's Children (1974)
Tales of Unknown Horror (1974)
A Clutch of Vampires (1974)
The Star Book of Horror 1 (1975)
Tales of Terror From Outer Space (1975)
Christopher Lee's 'X' Certificate (1975)
Weird Tales Volume 2 (1976)
Frights (1976)
The Ides of Tomorrow (1976)
Realms of Wizardry (1976)
Whispers (1977)
Weird Legacies (1977)
The Rivals of Dracula (1977)
The Rivals of Frankenstein (1977)
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction 22nd Series (1977)
Chamber of Horrors (1978)
Shadows (1978)
Frights 2 (1979)
The Great SF Stories One (1979)
Les Meilleurs Recits de Weird Tales Tome 3 (1938-1942) (1979)
The Master's Choice Book 1 (1979)
Dark Forces (1980)
New Terrors 2 (1980)
The Giant Book of Horror Stories (1981)
Modern Masters of Horror (1981)
A Treasury of Modern Fantasy (1981)
Haunted Houses (1983)
The Gruesome Book (1983)
Magic for Sale (1983)
Top Fantasy (1984)
Masques (1984)
Realms of Darkness (1985)
Terrorists of Tomorrow (1986)
A Treasury of American Horror Stories (1986)
Masters of Darkness (1986)
Hallowe'en Horrors (1986)
Cutting Edge (1986)
A Century of Horror 1970-1979 (1987)
Masques 2 (1987)
The Colour of Evil (1987)
Silver Scream (1988)
Jack the Ripper (1988)
Curses (1989)
Between Time and Terror (1990)
Dark Voices (1990)
Vampires: The Greatest Stories (1991)
The Mammoth Book of Terror (1991)
The Night Fantastic (1991)
Amazing Stories (1991)
Ghosttide (1993)
Nursery Crimes (1993)
Monsters in Our Midst (1993)
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...Nightmare (1993)
Young Blood (1994)
The Mammoth Book of Frankenstein (1994)
Angels of Darkness (1995)
Ghost Movies (1995)
Doubles, Dummies and Dolls (1995)
More Phobias (1995)
Dark Destiny (1995)
The Best New Horror 6 (1995)
The Best of Weird Tales (1995)
Virtuous Vampires (1996)
The Wizards of Odd (1996)
The Vampire Hunters' Casebook (1996)
The Oxford Book of Twentieth-Century Ghost Stories (1996)
Rivals of Dracula (1996)
Cyber-Killers (1997)
Dancing with the Dark (1997)
The Flying Sorcerers (1997)
The Mammoth Book of Fantasy All-Time Greats (1998)
     aka The Fantasy Hall of Fame
Knights of Madness (1998)
The Young Oxford Book of Aliens (1998)
Don't Open This Book! (1998)
Tales of The Cthulhu Mythos (1999)
California Sorcery (1999)
Technohorror (1999)
The Mammoth Book of Haunted House Stories (2000)
My Favorite Horror Story (2000)
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Short stories
Constant Reader
The Fear Planet
A Quiet Funeral
The Traveling Salesman
You Got to Have Brains
Almost Human (1934)
The Feast in the Abbey (1934)
The Shambler from the Stars (1934)
Black Lotus (1935)
The Secret in the Tomb (1935)
The Suicide in the Study (1935)
The Dark Demon (1936)
The Druidic Doom (1936)
The Faceless God (1936)
The Grinning Ghoul (1936)
Mother of Serpents (1936)
The Opener of the Way [short story] (1936)
The Black Kiss (1937) (with Henry Kuttner)
The Brood of Bubastis (1937)
The Creeper in the Crypt (1937)
Fane of the Black Pharaoh (1937)
The Mannikin (1937)
Mannikins of Horror (1937)
The Secret of Sebek (1937)
Beetles (1938)
The Eyes of the Mummy (1938)
The Hound of Pedro (1938)
The Mandarin's Canaries (1938)
Slave of the Flames (1938)
The Cloak (1939)
The Red Swimmer (1939)
The Seal of the Satyr (1939) (as by Tarleton Fiske)
The Sorcerer's Jewel (1939) (as by Tarleton Fiske)
The Strange Flight of Richard Clayton (1939)
Waxworks (1939)
The Fiddler's Fee (1940)
The Ghost Writer (1940)
Beauty's Beast (1941)
A Good Knight's Work (1941)
The House of the Hatchet [short story] (1941)
The Beasts of Barsac (1942)
Black Bargain (1942)
The Little Man Who Wasn't All There (1942)
A Question of Etiquette (1942)
The Shoes (1942)
Son of a Witch (1942)
The Eager Dragon (1943)
It Happened Tomorrow (1943)
Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper [short story] (1943)
The Bat is My Brother (1944)
The Devil's Ticket (1944)
Iron Mask (1944)
The Weird Taylor (1944)
The Man Who Cried Wolf! (1945)
One Way to Mars (1945)
The Skull of the Marquis de Sade [short story] (1945)
The Bogey Man Will Get You (1946)
Enoch (1946)
"Lizzie Borden Took an Axe..." (1946)
The Cheaters (1947)
Sweets to the Sweet (1947)
Catnip (1948)
Change of Heart (1948)
The Indian Spirit Guide (1948)
Floral Tribute (1949)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1949)
The Unspeakable Betrothal (1949)
The Girl from Mars (1950)
The Head Hunter (1950)
The Shadow from the Steeple (1950)
Tell Your Fortune (1950)
The Hungry House (1951)
The Man Who Collected Poe (1951)
Notebook Found in a Deserted House (1951)
The Tin You Love to Touch (1951)
Lucy Comes to Stay (1952)
The Dream Makers (1953)
The Lighthouse (1953) (with Edgar Allan Poe)
The Thinking Cap (1953)
The Goddess of Wisdom (1954)
Mr Steinway (1954)
The Pin (1954)
Comfort Me, My Robot (1955)
I Do Not Love Thee, Doctor Fell (1955)
Nursemaid to Nightmares (1955)
The Past Master (1955)
Where the Buffalo Roam (1955)
You Could Be Wrong (1955)
All on a Golden Afternoon (1956)
Dead-End Doctor (1956)
Founding Fathers (1956)
A Good Imagination (1956)
I Kiss Your Shadow (1956)
I Like Blondes (1956)
String of Pearls (1956)
Terror in the Night [short story] (1956)
Try This for Psis (1956)
Water's Edge (1956)
A Way of Life (1956)
Broomstick Ride (1957)
Crime in Rhyme (1957)
Man with a Hobby (1957)
The Professor Plays It Square (1957)
The Proper Spirit (1957)
The Real Bad Friend (1957)
A Return to the Sabbath (1957)
Rhyme Never Pays (1957)
Sock Finish (1957)
Terror Over Hollywood (1957)
Block That Metaphor (1958)
Daybroke (1958)
The Deadliest Art (1958)
Edifice Complex (1958)
Egghead (1958)
F.O.B. Venus (1958)
Hungarian Rhapsody (1958) (as by Wilson Kane)
Is Betsy Blake Still Alive? (1958)
The Living Bracelet (1958)
Report on Sol III (1958)
Sleeping Beauty (1958)
Spawn of the Dark One (1958)
Sweet Sixteen (1958)
Terror in Cut-Throat Cove (1958)
That Hell-bound Train (1958)Hugo
This Crowded Earth [short story] (1958)
Word of Honour (1958)
The Big Kick (1959)
Double-Cross (1959)
The Gloating Place (1959)
The Hungry Eye (1959)
The Man Who Knew Women (1959)
Night School (1959)
Sabbatical (1959)
The Screaming People (1959)
The Bald-Headed Mirage (1960)
The Beautiful People (1960)
Fat Chance (1960)
Final Performance (1960)
The Funnel of God (1960)
The Man Who Murdered Tomorrow (1960)
The Masterpiece (1960)
A Matter of Life (1960)
Pin-Up Girl (1960)
The Show Must Go On (1960)
Talent (1960)
The World-Timer (1960)
Crime Machine (1961)
Hobo (1961)
A Home Away from Home (1961)
The Man Who Looked Like Napoleon (1961)
Memo to a Movie-Maker (1961)
The Model Wife (1961)
Philtre Tip (1961)
Two of a Kind (1961)
The Unpardonable Crime (1961)
Method for Murder (1962)
Under the Horns (1962)
Untouchable (1962)
Wheel and Deal (1962)
Beelzebub (1963)
Impractical Joker (1963)
The Living End (1963)
The Old College Try (1963)
'Frozen Fear' (1964)
All in the Family (1966)
Life in Our Time (1966)
The Plot is the Thing (1966)
Pride Goes- (1966)
The Living Dead (1967)
A Toy For Juliette (1967)
Underground (1967)
The Gods Are Not Mocked (1968)
Ladies' Day (1968)
Sales of a Deathman (1968)
How Like a God (1969)
The Movie People (1969)
The Double Whammy (1970)
In the Cards (1970)
The Animal Fair (1971)Nebula Awards (nominee)
The Oracle (1971)
The Play's the Thing (1971)
Ego Trip (1972)
Forever and Amen (1972)
His and Hearse (1972)
See How They Run (1973)
Space-Born (1973)
The Learning Maze (1974)
The Model (1975)
A Case of the Stubborns (1976)
The Head (1976)
A Most Unusual Murder (1976)
The Warm Farewell (1976)
The Closer of the Way (1977)
Picture (1978)
The Night Before Christmas (1980)
The Rubber Room (1980)
The Shrink and the Mink (1983)
Everybody Needs a Little Love (1984)
The Undead (1984)
Nocturne (1985)
Not Quite So Pragmatic (1985)
Pranks (1986)
Reaper (1986)
The Yougoslaves (1986)
The New Season (1987)
The Bedposts of Life (1991)
The Creative Urge (1991)
The Grab Bag (1991) (with Henry Kuttner)
It Takes One to Know One (1993)
The Scent of Vinegar (1994)Bram Stoker
None Are So Blind (1995)
C.o.d. - Corpse On Delivery (1999)

Hugo Best Short Story winner (1959) : That Hell-bound Train
Nebula Awards Best Novellette nominee (1973) : The Animal Fair
World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement winner (1975)
World Fantasy Best Collection nominee (1978) : Cold Chills
Bram Stoker Best Collection nominee (1988) : Midnight Pleasures
Bram Stoker Best Collection winner (1995) : The Early Fears
Bram Stoker Best Novellette winner (1995) : The Scent of Vinegar
World Fantasy Best Collection nominee (1995) : The Early Fears

Books about Robert Bloch
Robert Bloch recommends
The Lurker at the Threshold (1945)
August Derleth and H P Lovecraft
"The Cthulhu Mythos is a literary creation far surpassing the word-worlds of James Branch Cabell, C S Lewis, or Tolkien."
The Dream (1971)
Lucy Freeman
"A new kind of suspense...dark, twisted, terrifying!"
Sharp Practice (1974)
John Farris
"A classic compound of grue, gore, insanity and incest skilfully blended."
The Doll Who Ate His Mother (1976)
Ramsey Campbell
"It's superb. Grand Guignol in the grand manner. This is the chilling best!"
The Vampire Tapestry (1980)
Suzy McKee Charnas
"With consummate skill she has woven a pattern of true terror into The Vampire Tapestry."
Citizen Vampire (1981)
(Don Sebastian de Villanueva, book 3)
Les Daniels
"With an accomplished hand, Les Daniels turns back the bloodstained pages of history to reveal new horrors, man-made and supernatural. A fearsome, fascinating glimpse of life and death - and the strange realm between."
Vampire Junction (1984)
(Timmy Valentine, book 1)
S P Somtow
"The closest thing to a nightmare ever put on paper."
Soulstorm (1986)
Chet Williamson
"Williamson has written a real chiller - an enchanting evocation of evil. Crammed with weird insights into a terrifying supernatural intelligence and moments of literally monstrous murder that will make your old nightmares seem tepid and drab."
Voice of the Visitor (1986)
Larry Slonaker
"Chilling... A diabolical delight!"
Firecode (1987)
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
"Few can match her magic."
The Model (1987)
Robert Aickman
"The Model is an apt title for a work that is just that - a model of eloquent elegant enchantment. It's a must for Aickman fans, and for everyone who enjoys fantasy at its highest and most literate level."
The Forbidden Zone (1993)
Whitley Strieber
"Exciting ... brings ancient evil to the modern world."
Mucho Mojo (1994)
(Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, book 2)
Joe R Lansdale
"Joe Lansdale is a born storyteller."

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