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Charles Stross is a full-time writer who was born in Leeds, England in 1964. He studied in London and Bradford, gaining degrees in pharmacy and computer science, and has worked in a variety of jobs, including pharmacist, technical author, software engineer, and freelance journalist.
Charles is a full-time science fiction writer and resident of Edinburgh, Scotland. The author of six Hugo-nominated novels and winner of the 2005, 2010, and 2015 Hugo awards for best novella, Stross's works have been translated into over twelve languages.

Genres: Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy
   Toast (2002)
   Wireless (2009)
Anthologies edited
   Fables from the Fountain (2011) (with Stephen Baxter, Eric Brown, Colin Bruce, Peter Crowther, Neil Gaiman, Henry Gee, Tom Hunter, David Langford, Steve Longworth, James Lovegrove, Paul Graham Raven, Adam Roberts, Ian Watson, Andy West, Ian Whates, Liz Williams and Andrew J Wilson)
Non fiction
Hugo Best Novel nominee (2004) : Singularity Sky
British Science Fiction Association Best Novel nominee (2005) : Accelerando
Hugo Best Novel nominee (2005) : Iron Sunrise
Arthur C. Clarke Award Best Book nominee (2006) : Accelerando
Hugo Best Novel nominee (2006) : Accelerando
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2006) : Accelerando
Prometheus Award Best Novel nominee (2006) : The Hidden Family
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2007) : Glasshouse
Prometheus Award Best Novel winner (2007) : Glasshouse
Hugo Best Novel nominee (2008) : Halting State
Hugo Best Novel nominee (2009) : Saturn's Children
Prometheus Award Best Book nominee (2009) : Saturn's Children
Arthur C. Clarke Award Best Book nominee (2012) : Rule 34
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2013) : The Rapture of the Nerds
Hugo Best Novel nominee (2014) : Neptune's Brood
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2014) : Neptune's Brood

Charles Stross recommends
The Zenith Angle (2004)
Bruce Sterling
"A Catch-22 for the slashdot generation: a wry, cynical, informed peek at the paranoid world of the post-9/11 cyberspookerati. Buy it, read it, be very afraid."
Lady of Mazes (2005)
Karl Schroeder
"The most thought provoking and interesting work of hard SF that I've read in the past year."
Moxyland (2008)
Lauren Beukes
"Full of spiky originality, a new kind of SF munching its way out of the intestines of the wasp-paralysed caterpillar of cyberpunk."
The Green Leopard Plague and Other Stories (2010)
Walter Jon Williams
"Walter Jon Williams really knows how to play power chords in the key of 'sense of wonder'!"
The Quantum Thief (2010)
(Jean le Flambeur, book 1)
Hannu Rajaniemi
"The best first SF novel I've read in years. Hard to admit, but I think he's better at this stuff than I am."
Pyramid of Blood (2015)
(Swords Versus Tanks, book 3)
M Harold Page
"Holy ****."
An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors (2017)
(Risen Kingdoms, book 1)
Curtis Craddock
"A grand tale of intrigue, adventure and gaslight fantasy in the tradition of Alexander Dumas."
Stars Uncharted (2018)
(Stars Uncharted, book 1)
S K Dunstall
"An absorbing space opera, in the tradition of The Expanse and The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet."
Gideon the Ninth (2019)
(Ninth House, book 1)
Tamsyn Muir
"Lesbian necromancers explore a haunted gothic palace in space! Decadent nobles vie to serve the deathless emperor! Skeletons!"

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