Leslie Jamison

   52 Blue (2014)
Leslie Jamison recommends
In Every Way (2015)
Nic Brown
""In Every Way" is breathtaking. It's full of love and mistakes. Its intimacies resist categories and caution. It surges with a strange, stubborn hope. This book has a pulse as close and insistent as the sound of your own heart in your ears."
The Art of Waiting (2016)
Belle Boggs
"Boggs's mind is nimble and surprising, her voice penetrating and humble, her insights keen and striated. Her definition of family is full of possibility and permutation, and there is an empathetic force to her work that's absolutely thrilling."
A Separation (2017)
Katie M Kitamura
"I read it quickly, but didn't stop thinking about it for a long time once I was done."
Where Reasons End (2019)
Yiyun Li
"This book finds singular language for inexpressible grief, while admitting the limits of that language at every turn...it's a book about infinite sadness and desperate imagination, it charts the strange landscape of their overlap; it's humble about the mystery of others, and the edges of what we can ever know about them... It's one of the most moving books I've ever read."

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