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The Martian meets 127 Hours in this powerfully humane thriller about a scuba diver who's been swallowed by an eighty-foot, sixty-ton sperm whale and has only one hour to escape before his oxygen runs out.

'Astoundingly great. Whalefall is, quite simply, a beautiful novel-a must-read story' - GILLIAN FLYNN
'A crazy, and crazily enjoyable, beat-the-clock adventure story' - NEW YORK TIMES
'Fantastically gripping . . . Smart, surreal, and powerfully humane' -
'There is nothing else quite like Whalefall' - NEW SCIENTIST

Jay Gardiner has given himself a fool's errand: to find the remains of his deceased father in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. He knows it's a long shot, but Jay feels it's the only way for him to lift the weight of guilt he has carried since his dad's death the previous year.

The dive begins well enough, but the sudden appearance of a giant squid puts Jay in very real jeopardy, made infinitely worse by the arrival of a sperm whale looking to feed. Suddenly, Jay is caught in the squid's tentacles and drawn into the whale's mouth where he is pulled into the first of its four stomachs. He quickly realizes he has only one hour before his oxygen tanks run out - one hour to defeat his demons and escape the belly of a whale.

Suspenseful and cinematic, Whalefall is an 'astoundingly great' (Gillian Flynn, New York Times bestselling author) thriller about a young man who has given up on life, only to find a reason to live in the most dangerous and unlikely of places.

Genre: Science Fiction

Praise for this book

"Whalefall is a mind-blowing, take-your-breath-away adventure, but it's also a tender and moving story of the relationship between a father and son. Daniel Kraus is a writer I greatly admire. He can do anything, and does." - Dan Chaon

"A brutal, unsparing, wildly uplifting book. The sheer buoyancy had me breathless by the end." - Clay McLeod Chapman

"Brave, bold, epic, propulsive. Whalefall is a deeply moving thriller that holds a planet's worth of hope in the pit of its stomach." - Joshua Ferris

"Astoundingly great. Whalefall is, quite simply, a beautiful novel - a must-read story of the sea, the nature of awe, and the briny relationships between fathers and sons." - Gillian Flynn

"Whalefall is a rare thing: a page-turning, hold-your-breath, man-vs-nature thrill ride, but also a gripping exploration of the unnavigable relationship between parent and child. It's an anguished cry from the depths of that struggle. Bravo!" - Christopher Golden

"Unexpectedly emotional and wildly entertaining, Whalefall is the tense revamp of Jonah's tale you didn't know you needed." - Gabino Iglesias

"One of our oldest stories, one of our greatest fears, and one of our most capable writers. Stranger things than being swallowed by a whale have probably happened, but they've rarely been told so well." - Stephen Graham Jones

"The primordial nightmare at the core of Whalefall is fantastically gripping. A character study developed in the most intense crucible imaginable, Kraus's latest novel is smart, surreal, and powerfully humane." - Owen King

"A masterpiece. I haven't felt so alive reading a book in a long, long time." - Alissa Nutting

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