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Ellen Keith is a Canadian writer and graduate of the University of British Columbia's MFA program in creative writing. Her work has appeared in publications such as The New Quarterly and the Globe and Mail, and she has received the Anton Fiction Prize and the James Patrick Folinsbee Memorial Scholarship in Creative Writing. She lives in Amsterdam. The Dutch Wife is her first novel.

Genres: Historical
Ellen Keith recommends
Lost Autumn (2020)
Mary-Rose MacColl
"Grants us a peek into the private chambers of the British monarchy, where the extraordinary long to be ordinary, duty competes with desire, and nothing truly happens behind closed doors. Mary-Rose MacColl reflects on the push and pull of life in the spotlight through a compelling mix of characters and an absorbing story I won't soon forget."
Midnight Train to Prague (2020)
Carol Windley
"An original and compelling story, told with vivid detail and a richness in setting that I absorbed in one sitting. Windley's characters are symbols of a disappearing era, as they navigate the dramatically shifting political landscape of central Europe teetering between wars."
The War Widow (2020)
(Billie Walker Mystery, book 1)
Tara Moss
"Billie Walker is the type of heroine I'd love to befriend: resourceful, clever, adventurous, and a true fashionista. With a gripping plot and the perfect dose of history and intrigue, The War Widow has all the elements of a great page-turner."
The Good German (2020)
Dennis Bock
"In his new novel, Dennis Bock depicts the chillingly plausible butterfly effect of a simple twist in history. The Good German is a compelling and thought-provoking story that's remarkably relevant for our times."
The Historians (2020)
Cecilia Ekbäck
"The Historians blends a fascinating historical intrigue with the quick pace and excitement of a thriller."
The Last Garden in England (2021)
Julia Kelly
"Like the petals of Highbury House's enchanting roses, Julia Kelly's latest novel unfurls to reveal layered stories of long-lost secrets. The Last Garden in England is a compelling read, filled with loveable characters and an alluring twist of fates."
When the Summer Was Ours (2021)
Roxanne Veletzos
"A remarkable story of love, suffering, and second chances, told in immersive prose. With its rich setting and bittersweet twists of fate, When the Summer was Ours drew me in and kept me wondering until the final page. I highly recommend this original and moving WWII read."
The Circus Train (2022)
Amita Parikh
"The Circus Train is a dazzling and delightful debut. Amita Parikh plunges us into a mesmerizing tale of colorful acts and characters, who must elicit truth from illusion as they face dark forces and seek out their places in a changing world. I thoroughly enjoyed this read."
Looking for Jane (2022)
Heather Marshall
"An original and poignant story that holds a mirror to the ongoing fight for women's rights. In reflecting on a dark spot in Canadian history, Heather Marshall speaks to the power of solidarity and of brave women who dare to take a stand."
The Prophet's Wife (2022)
Libbie Grant
"The Prophet's Wife moves beyond a simple story of religious history to excavate the inner workings of a marriage and the ongoing battle between mind and heart. Through beautiful prose and complex characters, Libbie Grant incites us to consider a difficult question: would you publicly stand by your partner for something you sense is morally flawed? This is a thought-provoking novel that covers vast historical ground with a deeply emotional and intimate touch."

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