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Herman Koch

The Dutch television and radio producer, actor and writer Herman Koch is perhaps best known in his native Holland for his role in the hit TV series Jiskefet, a comedy sketch show which ran for a dizzying 15 years. But Koch is no one-trick pony, a columnist for the newspaper Volkskrant, and the author of six novels, he is one of the Netherlands most revered writers and journalists. Despite this The Dinner, astonishingly, is Kochs first work to be translated into English.

Genres: Thriller
Herman Koch recommends
The Ice-Cream Makers (2016)
Ernest Van der Kwast
"Feels like a classic from the first page."
Fear (2017)
Dirk Kurbjuweit
"Fear makes us accessories to murder. Do we want the victim to survive? No, we don't."
The Family Clause (2020)
Jonas Hassen Khemiri
"I was drawn into this fascinating story right from the beginning and couldn't let loose for days after I had put down The Family Clause. And now, some weeks later, I know I will never forget the grandfather, the son who is a father, the sister, or the girlfriend. They are here to stay in my mind, like those other fictional characters you never meet in real life, but who you would recognize on the street the minute you saw them. Their personalities are far from perfect, but because of that, you love them all the more for who they are."

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