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Cathy Lamb lives in Oregon. She is married with three children. She writes late at night when it's just her and the moon and a few shooting stars.

Genres: General Fiction, Romance
Cathy Lamb recommends
Miss You Most of All (2010)
Elizabeth Bass
"A deliciously great book for those who love real books that depict real life, with all the mess, tears, joy, and laughter that living on this planet--or in this case the Sassy Spinster Farm--involves."
Slightly South of Simple (2017)
(Peachtree Bluff, book 1)
Kristy Woodson Harvey
"Kristy Woodson Harvey really knows how to tell a southern tale."
Left to Chance (2017)
Amy Sue Nathan
"Chance, Ohio, was no place for wimps.- And there we start on our journey through Amy Sue Nathan's wonderful book, Left To Chance. Sometimes you have to leave home, come back, and leave again, to find yourself."
Daughters of the Night Sky (2018)
Aimie K Runyan
"Aimie K. Runyan has combined my three favorite literary topics: historical fiction, World War II, and courageous and strong women. She is an incredible historical fiction writer."
This I Know (2018)
Eldonna Edwards
"Simply magical writing. Eldonna Edwards is a true storyteller. She tossed me straight into her book and there I stayed until the last word on the last page."
Christmas at the Chalet (2018)
Anita Hughes
"If you need to escape during the holidays, read this book. No, really. Read it. Your in-laws, your stress, and your to-do list will all go away as you head to St. Moritz for a sweet romance."

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