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Dennis Lynds

USA flag (1924 - 2005)
Husband of Gayle Lynds

aka William Arden, Michael Collins, John Crowe, Carl Dekker, Sheila McErlean, Don Pendleton, Mark Sadler

Dennis Lynds wrote the Dan Fortune series that began in 1967.

As Mark Sadler, John Crowe, William Arden and Carl Dekker, he published 18 crime novels and 13 juvenile crime novels. Under his real name he published three novels and two collections of stories. His mainstream stories were published in many of the literary journals, including New World Writing, Hudson Review, Cimarron Review, Western Humanities Review, Carolina Quarterly, and South Dakota Review, and appeared in Best American Short Stories. He was twice short-listed for the Drue Heinz Literature Prize for a collection of short stories.

He won the Mystery Writer's of America Edgar for one novel and was nominated for two more Edgars. He was awarded The Marlowe Lifetime Achievement Award for distinguished writing by MWA's SoCalChapter. He was nominated for three Private Eye Writers of America's Shamus Awards, and awarded PWA's Lifetime Achievement Award. His mystery and detective short stories have appeared in Best Crime & Mystery Stories of The Year many times.

Other honors include the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kriminalliteratur of West Germany's Special Commendation for his entire body of work to that time, 1981; President, Private Eye Writers Of America, 1985; Guest of Honor, 8th Festival du Roman et du Film Policiers, Reims, France, 1986; Guest of Honor, La Ville Est Un Roman, Consiel General, Seine Saint-Denis, Paris, France, 1991.

Genres: Mystery, Children's Fiction, Romance, Thriller, Young Adult Fiction
Dan Fortune (as by Michael Collins)
   1. Act Of Fear (1967)
   2. The Brass Rainbow (1969)
   3. Night Of The Toads (1970)
   4. Walk A Black Wind (1971)
   5. Shadow Of A Tiger (1972)
   6. The Silent Scream (1973)
   7. Blue Death (1975)
   8. The Blood-Red Dream (1976)
   9. The Nightrunners (1978)
   10. The Slasher (1980)
   11. Freak (1983)
   12. Minnesota Strip (1987)
   13. Red Rosa (1988)
   14. Castrato (1989)
   15. Chasing Eights (1990)
   16. The Irishman's Horse (1991)
   17. Cassandra In Red (1992)
   18. Crime, Punishment and Resurrection (1992)
   19. Fortune's World (2000)
Kane Jackson (as by William Arden)
   A Dark Power (1968)
   The Goliath Scheme (1970)
   Deal in Violence (1971)
   Murder Underground (1972)
     aka Die to a Distant Drum
   Deadly Legacy (1973)
Paul Shaw (as by Mark Sadler)
   The Falling Man (1970)
   Here To Die (1971)
   Mirror Image (1972)
   Circle Of Fire (1973)
   Touch Of Death (1981)
   Deadly Innocents (1986)
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Buena Costa County (as by John Crowe)
   Another Way To Die (1972)
   Bloodwater (1974)
   Crooked Shadows (1975)
   When They Kill Your Wife (1977)
   Close To Death (1979)
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Mack Bolan (with Gayle Lynds (as by Mark Sadler) and Gayle Stone)
   14. Moving Target (1990)
   17. Blood Fever (1989)
   Combat Soldier (1962)
   Uptown Downtown (1963)
   Mask Of Silence (1968) (as by Sheila McErlean)
   Lukan War (1969) (as by Michael Collins)
   The Planets of Death (1970) (as by Michael Collins)
   Woman In Marble (1973) (as by Carl Dekker)
   Mystery of the Blue Condor (1973) (as by William Arden)
   SWAT: Crossfire (1975)
   The Cadillac Cowboy (1995) (as by Michael Collins)
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   Why Girls Ride Sidesaddle (1980)
   Talking to the World (1995)
   Spies and Thieves, Cops And Killers (2002) (as by Michael Collins)
   Slot-Machine Kelly (2005) (as by Michael Collins)
Series contributed to
Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators
   10. The Mystery of the Moaning Cave (1968) (as by William Arden)
   12. The Mystery of the Laughing Shadow (1969) (as by William Arden)
   13. The Secret of the Crooked Cat (1970) (as by William Arden)
   18. The Mystery of the Shrinking House (1972) (as by William Arden)
   19. The Secret of Phantom Lake (1973) (as by William Arden)
   22. The Mystery of the Dead Man's Riddle (1974) (as by William Arden)
   25. The Mystery of the Dancing Devil (1976) (as by William Arden)
   26. The Mystery of the Headless Horse (1977) (as by William Arden)
   28. The Mystery of the Deadly Double (1978) (as by William Arden)
   30. The Secret of Shark Reef (1979) (as by William Arden)
   33. The Mystery of the Purple Pirate (1982) (as by William Arden)
   38. The Mystery of the Smashing Glass (1984) (as by William Arden)
   42. The Mystery of Wreckers' Rock (1986) (as by William Arden)
Three Investigators Crimebusters
   1. Hot Wheels (1989) (as by William Arden)
Books containing stories by Dennis Lynds
Suspense Magazine November 2011 (2011)
(Suspense Magazine)
edited by
John Raab
Thriller (2006)
Stories To Keep You Up All Night
(Thriller, book 1)
edited by
James Patterson

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