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Leena Lehtolainen

(Leena Katriina Lehtolainen)
Finland (b.1964)

Leena Lehtolainen is the bestselling fermale crime author in Finland. Her new titles head straight to #1 on the Finnish bestseller lists. Lehtolainens books have been sold over two million copies worldwide, and rights have been sold in 29 languages.  In her free time, Lehtolainen enjoys all kinds of music from 1970s punk to Bach just like Maria Kallio, the heroine of her crime novel series. And just like events in the Bodyguard Trilogy take the heroine Hilja Ilveskero all around Europe, Lehtolainens own work takes her to book festivals and other events across the globe.

Genres: Mystery
Maria Kallio
   1. My First Murder (2012)
   2. Her Enemy (2013)
   3. Copper Heart (2013)
   4. Snow Woman (2014)
   5. Death Spiral (2015)
   6. Fatal Headwind (2016)
   7. Before I Go (2017)
   8. Below the Surface (2017)
   9. The Nightingale Murder (2018)
   10. Derailed (2018)
   11. Where Have All the Young Girls Gone (2019)
   1. The Bodyguard (2014)
   2. The Lion of Justice (2015)
   3. The Devil's Cubs (2016)

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