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Margot Livesey

Scotland (b.1953)

Margot Livesey is a Scottish born writer. She is the author of six novels, numerous short stories, and essays on the craft of writing fiction.Livesey came to North America during the 1970s where she worked to get her fiction published, reportedly because her boyfriend at the time was also a writer. Livesey's work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, and a number of literary quarterlies. She is also the Fiction Editor at Ploughshares, a renowned literary journal. She currently lives in the Boston area and is the writer-in-residence at Emerson College.

Genres: Mystery
Non fiction
Margot Livesey recommends
Blood (2001)
Patricia Traxler
"With her stunning first novel, Blood, Patricia Traxler plunges the reader into a world both familiar and eerie. Seldom have the twin obsessions of love and art been more vividly or intelligently portrayed. What an elegant, suspenseful, and steamy debut."
Bulletproof Girl (2005)
Quinn Dalton
"Quinn Dalton is that rare being, a writer who combines fierce passion and keen intelligence. Both are amply present in the far-ranging stories of this splendid collection."
London Is the Best City in America (2006)
Laura Dave
"With its suspenseful plot, endearing heroine and vivid prose, Laura Dave's London is the Best City in America is an immensely appealing novel. A sparkling debut."
The Dressmaker (2006)
Elizabeth Birkelund
"Utterly irresistible ... The Dressmaker is a delight."
Resurrection (2006)
Tucker Malarkey
"An irresistible heroine... an immensely suspenseful novel."
Commuters (2010)
Emily Gray Tedrowe
"Tedrowe explores the reconfigurations of a family and the strange alliances that can occur between young and old, love and work. A deeply satisfying debut."
The Quickening (2010)
Michelle Hoover
"A fully realized, sensually vivid, psychologically intelligent novel that is hard to believe is a debut, but it is a sparkling one."
The Architect of Flowers (2011)
William Lychack
"Precise, exhilarating, sometimes wonderfully funny and always beautiful."
Aftermath (2011)
Scott Nadelson
"Whether he’s describing a married couple experimenting with trial separation or a young woman dealing with her father’s cancer, Scott Nadelson writes brilliantly about the many forms of ambivalence that love can take. His characters, of all ages, are wonderfully vivid. Aftermath is a sophisticated, emotionally complicated collection with an exhilarating undercurrent of danger."
Broken Irish (2011)
Edward J Delaney
"In Edward J. Delaney's South Boston little is lost, nothing forgotten. Old sins, old wounds haunt his characters, young and old, and reverberate throughout his wonderfully complicated plot. Broken Irish is an enthralling, satisfying novel."
The Longings of Wayward Girls (2013)
Karen Brown
"Ethralling...Once you've discovered this haunted world, you won't want to leave it."
The Halo Effect (2017)
Anne D Leclaire
"The Halo Effect is both profoundly moving and deeply satisfying."
'Round Midnight (2017)
Laura McBride
"Round Midnight is a passionate, gripping and beautifully written novel."
The Weight of Ink (2017)
Rachel Kadish
"A beautiful, intelligent and utterly absorbing novel."
Winter Kept Us Warm (2018)
Anne Raeff
"From the first night that Ulli, Leo, and Isaac meet, in a bar in Berlin the winter after the war, the reader is absorbed in their history and their fate. Raeff writes with vivid assurance about Berlin, America, and Morocco, about men and women, about love and work. As the boundaries between characters shift, as past and present converge, Winter Kept Us Warm casts a dazzling spell. A wonderful novel."
The Balcony (2018)
Jane Delury
"From the opening pages of The Balcony I was enthralled by Jane Delury's picture of Benneville and by her expansive sense of character. In ways both profound and moving she shows on page after beautiful page how her characters live inextricably in a time and a place. A stellar debut."
Paris by the Book (2018)
Liam Callanan
"In Paris by the Book, the marvelously gifted Liam Callanan tells a spellbinding story of reading and writing, romance and marriage, French frozen food and a small bookshop. I loved walking the streets of Marais with his eloquent narrator. And I loved how Callanan simultaneously reveals the history of her marriage and of her adopted city. Open a bottle of wine, open this wise and wonderful book, and enjoy."
Wonderblood (2018)
Julia Whicker
"In fiercely glittering prose Julia Whicker evokes an apocalyptic America where medicine is illegal, everyone is searching for portents and only a severed head can offer protection. I love how richly imagined this novel is and I love how relentlessly it moves towards its amazing climax. Wonderblood is a stunning debut."
The Great Believers (2018)
Rebecca Makkai
"The Great Believers is by turns funny, harrowing, tender, devastating, and always hugely suspenseful. It reminds us, poignantly, of how many people, mostly young, often brilliant, were lost to the AIDS epidemic, and of how those who survived were marked by that struggle. This is Rebecca Makkai at the height of her powers."
Thank Your Lucky Stars (2018)
Sherrie Flick
"Flick's new collection brims with wit and wisdom, love and disaster, and the best kinds of surprises."
Weather Woman (2018)
Cai Emmons
"Weather Woman tells the utterly absorbing story of a failed graduate student who goes from reporting the weather - she's a singing meterologist - to having a much more complicated relationship with it. As Bronwyn gradually discovers her powers, she also struggles to use them responsibly. In doing so, she finds herself arguing with sceptics and believers alike. Cai Emmons has written a deeply fascinating and extremely timely novel."

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