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Elinor Lipman is the author of eight novels about contemporary American society and a collection of short stories. Born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts, Lipman graduated from Simmons College where she studied journalism. She lives in Western Massachusetts and Manhattan, and received the New England Book award for fiction in 2001.

Genres: General Fiction, Romance
New and upcoming books
   Then She Found Me (1990)
   The Way Men Act (1992)
   Isabel's Bed (1995)
   The Inn at Lake Devine (1998)
   The Ladies' Man (1999)
   The Dearly Departed (2001)
   The Pursuit of Alice Thrift (2003)
   My Latest Grievance (2006)
   The Family Man (2008)
   The View from Penthouse B (2013)
   On Turpentine Lane (2017)
   Good Riddance (2019)
   Rachel to the Rescue (2020)
   Ms. Demeanor (2022)
   Every Tom, Dick & Harry (2025)
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Elinor Lipman recommends
You Are Here (2024)
David Nicholls
"Oh this book! What's better than rooting for two shy, once-burnt characters to recognise that love is within reach? I stopped often to reread and savour its sparkling, wry sentences. You Are Here is both up-to-the-minute and old-fashioned in the best way: sharp, yet so very kind, funny, and bittersweet."
You Only Call When You're in Trouble (2024)
Stephen McCauley
"Picture F. Scott Fitzgerald with tongue in cheek and you get the gift of Stephen McCauley's You Only Call When You're in Trouble. I loved these deliciously flawed characters and every thought that runs through their heads. As with all things Stephen McCauley, it has the highest of wit and the sharpest of social commentary plus tenderness and much love."
Save What's Left (2023)
Elizabeth Castellano
"I loved every page of Save What's Left - this voice, this eye, this story, its originality and wit, its offbeat social satire, its loopy cynicism, and a whole town's good intentions gone awry. Fighting city hall has never been so delicious. Brava, Elizabeth Castellano. I can't wait for your next book."

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