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MAX GLADSTONE went to Yale, where he wrote a short story that became a finalist in the Writers of the Future competition. He is the author of Three Parts Dead and Two Serpents Rise.He lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Max has taught in southern Anhui, wrecked a bicycle in Angkor Wat, and been thrown from a horse in Mongolia.

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror
Series contributed to
John W. Campbell Best Book nominee (2013) : Three Parts Dead
John W. Campbell Best Book nominee (2014) : Three Parts Dead
Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature Best Book nominee (2014) : Three Parts Dead

Max Gladstone recommends
Sea Change (2013)
S M Wheeler
"A harrowing fairy tale of loss, sacrifice, and growth."
The Emperor's Blades (2013)
(Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, book 1)
Brian Staveley
"Come for the intrigue, assassination, death priests, black-ops bird riders, and giant poisonous hive-lizards. Stay for Staveley's characters, his language, and his way-cool fantasy Zen."
The Traitor Baru Cormorant (2015)
(Masquerade , book 1)
Seth Dickinson
"Dickinson has written a poet's Dune, a brutal tale of empire, rebellion, fealty, and high finance that moves like a rocket and burns twice as hot. [The Traitor] is a mic drop for epic fantasy."
Infomocracy (2016)
(Centenal Cycle, book 1)
Malka Older
"A fast-paced, post-cyberpunk political thriller... If you always wanted to put The West Wing in a particle accelerator with Snow Crash to see what would happen, read this book."
Seven Surrenders (2017)
(Terra Ignota, book 2)
Ada Palmer
"Seven Surrenders veers expertly between love, murder, mayhem, parenthood, theology, and high politics. I haven't had this much fun with a book in a long time."
Jade City (2017)
(Green Bone Saga, book 1)
Fonda Lee
"Fast cars, brilliant characters, and gangster kung-fu! Swift, intricate, and vicious as a talon knife, Fonda Lee's Jade City will pull you into a world of deft intrigue, hard choices, and bloody loyalty. Lee's written the postcolonial Godfather hiding under the surface of the Avatar: the Last Airbender universe -- and it's a fantastic read."
The Nine (2017)
(Thieves of Fate, book 1)
Tracy Townsend
"The Nine is a tense, fast-moving and twisty caper, with divided loyalties, creepy monsters, and grand mysteries. More please!"
Gate Crashers (2018)
(Breach , book 1)
Patrick S Tomlinson
"Taut, funny, and human, Gate Crashers takes us from zero to FTL in seconds flat."
City of Broken Magic (2018)
(Chronicles of Amicae, book 1)
Mirah Bolender
"Terrifying shadow monsters haunt a vividly rendered working-class present with the sins of generations past. A thrilling ride, with promise of deeper mysteries to come."
Creatures of Want & Ruin (2018)
(Creatures , book 2)
Molly Tanzer
"Once again Molly Tanzer demonstrates a bootlegger's knack for transforming glorious pulpy material into human spirit. Creatures of Want and Ruin is a riveting two-fisted weird pulp adventure with demons, smuggling, sex, archery, cults, and crime that doesn't shrink from carving its predecessors open to poke around in their guts. Great fun!"
Miranda in Milan (2019)
Katharine Duckett
"Unsettling, romantic, and intricate, Duckett's debut builds a house of horrors within the walls of Shakespeare's rich, strange work."
A Pale Light in the Black (2020)
(NeoG, book 1)
K B Wagers
"Wagers delivers a space adventure that's a found family story that's an interstellar conspiracy story that's... it just keeps going! Fierce, rollicking, kind, intimate and vast. If A Long Way to A Small, Angry Planet had more kickboxing matches and death-defying space rescues, this would be the book. Go Neo-G!"
The Sin in the Steel (2020)
(Fall of the Gods , book 1)
Ryan Van Loan
"Ryan Van Loan delivers a swashbuckling romp, demons, pirates, dead gods, (30-50?) feral hogs, a war-weary Watson and a guttersnipe Holmes. I can't wait to see what's next."
The Space Between Worlds (2020)
Micaiah Johnson
"Johnson's debut is a rare bird in any reality: a novel that is twisting, suspenseful, and profound."
Once Again (2020)
Catherine Wallace Hope
"Gripping, gut-churning, and heartfelt—full of lost and last chances."
Sun-Daughters, Sea-Daughters (2021)
Aimee Ogden
"A taut, heartfelt intergalactic fairy tale, with cosmic and personal vision."
Light From Uncommon Stars (2021)
Ryka Aoki
"A singing, full-hearted, fearless-and fearlessly goofy-vision that dances across the border between real and surreal, heartrending and sweet, with the nonstop energy of Douglas Adams, and a deep, merciless compassion."
The Beholden (2022)
Cassandra Rose Clarke
"A wonderful, creepy quest through a magical, ever-changing wilderness, with the world at stake and love in the balance. More please!"
The Violence (2022)
Delilah S Dawson
"Visceral, thrilling . . . A novel paced like a fistfight, aching like a just-gone tooth--but there's hope in the harrowing."
The Shadow Glass (2022)
Josh Winning
"Wonderful. A bold and heartfelt adventure from another world, another time - and our own."
Even Though I Knew the End (2022)
C L Polk
"Bracing as a slug of bourbon, with a twist of pain on the drop--or is that hope? Polk's back with a cold-eyed winner."

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