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Scott Carl Sigler is a contemporary American author of science fiction and horror as well as an avid podcaster. Originally from Michigan he now resides in San Diego.

Genres: Science Fiction, Horror, Young Adult Fantasy
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Scott Sigler recommends
Crescent (2009)
Phil Rossi
"Crescent is the last stop at the intergalactic crossroads of gritty sci-fi and pucker-inducing horror."
Descent (2009)
(7th Son Trilogy, book 1)
J C Hutchins
"Hutchins high-tech nightmares leap off the page and lodge in your brain like a literary headshot. Brilliant."
Dead Mech (2010)
(Apex Trilogy, book 1)
Jake Bible
"It's mechs. It's zombies. It's zombies in mechs. You already know you're going to buy it, so just get it over with."
SecondWorld (2012)
(Milos Vesely, book 1)
Jeremy Robinson
"Robinson blends myth, science and terminal velocity action like no one else."
Refuge Omnibus Edition (2014)
Jeremy Bishop, Daniel S Boucher, Kane Gilmour, David McAfee, Jeremy Robinson and Robert Swartwood
"(Bishop) blends myth, science and terminal velocity action like no one else."
The Ghost Train to New Orleans (2014)
(Shambling Guides, book 2)
Mur Lafferty
"If Buffy grew up, got therapy and found a real job, it would look like this."
Tin Men (2015)
Christopher Golden
"When the human soul thrums inside machines of war, the ultimate weapon is born. Golden crafts a unique combination of Terminator and Saving Private Ryan."
The Grey Bastards (2015)
(Lot Lands, book 1)
Jonathan French
"French flips the fantasy script as the monsters become the good guys, fueling an action-packed, sneakily smart adventure. Half orc and all badass, Jackal is a hero you won't soon forget."
Nothing Short of Dying (2016)
(Clyde Barr, book 1)
Erik Storey
"Nothing short of thrilling…Erik Story is a gene splice of Lee Child and Joe Lansdale. In this modern-day gunslinger classic everyone is a bad guy and Clyde Barr is the baddest of them all."
The Waking Land (2017)
(Waking Land, book 1)
Callie Bates
"A simmering tale of magic that builds to a raging inferno, and hits like a cross between Brandon Sanderson and Pierce Brown."
Glimpse (2018)
Jonathan Maberry
"Maberry consistently delivers delightful dread, and GLIMPSE is his scariest yet."
Deliverance (2018)
(Hell Divers, book 3)
Nicholas Sansbury Smith
"A very satisfying postapocalyptic sci-fi...If this was turned into a movie, I'd be there on opening night...I loved it."
The Dreaming Tree (2019)
(Delta Devlin, book 1)
Matthew Mather
"Incredible detective Delta Devlin is a franchise character worth losing your head over."
Wanderers (2019)
(Wanderers , book 1)
Chuck Wendig
"A riveting examination of America."
The Apocalypse Seven (2021)
Gene Doucette
"Doucette’s ’seven’ aren’t just 'magnificent'—they're also entertaining as hell."
The Broken Room (2022)
Peter Clines
"The Professional meets Stranger Things for a heart-stopping ride through Clines's America."
Cold as Hell (2022)
(Black Badge, book 1)
Rhett C Bruno and Jaime Castle
"Undead cowboy ronin delivering the Lord's justice in the Old West? Cold as Hell snared me like a lasso and never let go."

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