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Vernon Loder

(John George Hazlette Vahey)
UK flag (1881 - 1938)

aka Henrietta Clandon, John Haslette, Anthony Lang, John Mowbray, Walter Proudfoot, George Varney

Vernon Loder was a pseudonym for John George Hazlette Vahey, an Anglo-Irish writer who also wrote as Henrietta Clandon, John Haslette, Anthony Lang, John Mowbray, Walter Proudfoot and George Varney.

Genres: Mystery
Inspector Brews Mystery
The Essex Murders (1930)
     aka The Death Pool
Death of an Editor (1931)
The Man Who Pulled Strings (1916) (as by John Haslette)
The Missing Link (1926) (as by George Varney)
The Crime (1927) (as by Anthony Lang)
The Case with the Three Threads (1928) (as by Anthony Lang)
Fly Country (1928) (as by Anthony Lang)
The Mystery At Stowe (1928)
The Bungalow of Dead Birds (1929) (as by George Varney)
The Daring Diana (1929) (as by Anthony Lang)
The Vase Mystery (1929)
Whose Hand? (1929)
     aka Between Twelve and One
Evidence (1930) (as by Anthony Lang)
The Shop Window Murders (1930)
Call the Yard (1931) (as by John Mowbray)
The Radio Mystery (1931) (as by John Mowbray)
Red Stain (1931)
Death in the Thicket (1932)
The Trail of the Ruby (1932) (as by Walter Proudfoot)
Arrest (1933) (as by Walter Proudfoot)
Conspiracy (1933) (as by Walter Proudfoot)
Death At the Wheel (1933)
Inquest (1933) (as by Henrietta Clandon)
Suspicion (1933)
The Ghost Party (1934) (as by Henrietta Clandon)
Two Dead (1934)
The Case of the Dead Doctor (1935)
Rope by Arrangement (1935) (as by Henrietta Clandon)
The Deaf Mute Murders (1936)
Good by Stealth (1936) (as by Henrietta Clandon)
The Little Man Murders (1936)
Ship of Secrets (1936)
This Delicate Murder (1936) (as by Henrietta Clandon)
Choose Your Weapon (1937)
The Men with the Double Faces (1937) (with Donald Cairn)
Power on the Scent (1937) (as by Henrietta Clandon)
The Button in the Plate (1938)
Fog Off Weymouth (1938) (as by Henrietta Clandon)
Kill in the Ring (1938)
A Wolf in the Fold (1938) (with Donald Cairn)
On Secret Service (1939) (as by John Mowbray)
The Frontier Mystery (1940) (as by John Mowbray)
The Megeve Mystery (1941) (as by John Mowbray)
Death By the Gaff (2015)