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Jill Santopolo is not a super sleuth, though she is particularly good at walking quickly and quietly through the streets of New York City, where she lives. She is currently working on her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults at Vermont College, and spends most of her time reading books, writing books, and editing some other ones.

Genres: Children's Fiction, Romance, Literary Fiction

Jill Santopolo recommends
This Love Story Will Self-Destruct (2018)
Leslie Cohen
"Leslie Cohen's characters all felt so real to me--and much cooler than my friends and I were at Columbia! A very enjoyable read."
We Own the Sky (2018)
Luke Allnutt
"We Own the Sky is a heartbreak of a novel filled with love, sorrow, pain, and--ultimately--hope. The characters are drawn so tenderly, with such beautiful detail, that it's impossible not to feel the emotions that pulse through the pages. Powerful, touching, and poignant, this family's love story had me in tears."
How to Walk Away (2018)
Katherine Center
"A heartbreak of a novel that celebrates resilience and strength."
The Life Lucy Knew (2018)
Karma Brown
"In The Life Lucy Knew, Karma Brown's exploration of the intersection of memory, identity, and love is both fascinating and deeply moving. I stayed up far too late reading chapter after chapter, knowing I wouldn't be able to fall asleep until I learned Lucy's fate. I'm sure I'll be thinking about this powerful, compelling story for a long time to come."
One Day in December (2018)
Josie Silver
"Josie Silver writes with a warmth so palpable her characters sneak their way into your heart and stay for a long time. One Day in December is an exploration of love that reads like a thriller, filled with secrets and heart-aching betrayals. The perfect book to get lost in this holiday season."
Lights On the Sea (2018)
Miquel Reina
"This beautiful, unusual tale explores the healing power of love and the magic that exists in our everyday lives, even when we don’t know how to find it."
Daisy Jones & The Six (2019)
Taylor Jenkins Reid
"Reid's writing is addictive and all-consuming. Filled with passion, complexity, and fascinating detail, Daisy Jones & The Six felt so real, I had to remind myself that it was fiction."
After the End (2019)
Clare Mackintosh
"A powerful exploration of grief, love and the way in which all decisions - both large and small - can have life-changing results."
One Night at the Lake (2019)
Bethany Chase
"Captivating and compelling . . . This is the perfect book to slip into your weekend bag for your own trip to the lake this summer."
Sweet Sorrow (2019)
David Nicholls
"David Nicholls' Sweet Sorrow perfectly captures the intensity of first love, the beauty of a chosen family, and the complexity of transforming from a teenager to an adult. These are characters I'll be thinking about for a long time to come."
You Were There Too (2020)
Colleen Oakley
"A beautifully woven story of love, grief, and the power we do and don’t have to choose our fate, You Were There Too brought me to tears. I read it in one long gulp and didn’t want it to end."
Happy and You Know It (2020)
Laura Hankin
"An engrossing and compelling story of what would happen if the women from The Nanny Diaries men the women from Sex and the City in the social media age."
The Sight of You (2020)
Holly Miller
"This book had me in tears. I can't stop thinking about Callie and Joel and what my choices would be in their circumstances. Beautiful and heartbreaking."
The Lions of Fifth Avenue (2020)
Fiona Davis
"In a compelling novel that's part family saga, part high-stakes heist, and part love story, Fiona Davis creates an intricate and beautiful puzzle that kept me turning page after page as I tried to solve its central mystery along with her characters. A gripping and satisfying story for book-lovers the world over."
The Love Proof (2021)
Madeleine Henry
"The Love Proof is a fascinating story about how love opens us up to the remarkable possibilites of the universe. Smart, sexy, and scientific."
Little Pieces of Me (2021)
Alison Hammer
"A powerful story of family and connection that is just as fun as it is heartbreaking. I didn’t want the story to end."
The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano (2021)
Donna Freitas
"In a powerful exploration of motherhood and feminism, Donna Freitas probes the ties that bind us all to one another through love, through obligation and through choice. At once thought provoking and emotionally moving, this novel will have readers examining their own relationships and their own ‘what-ifs.’"
Last Summer at the Golden Hotel (2021)
Elyssa Friedland
"In The Last Summer at the Golden Hotel, Elyssa Friedland creates a broad cast of characters who are at once touching and hilarious. Their fears, their secrets, and their dreams come together in a moving story that balances nostalgia for the past and hope for the future. A perfect book for a family book club."
Take What You Can Carry (2021)
Gian Sardar
"At once heartbreaking and hopeful, this story’s magic is in the power its characters have to love—a partner, a family, a homeland, a people—deeply and unconditionally. I was gripped by Gian Sardar’s emotional storytelling until the final page."
Blush (2021)
Jamie Brenner
"This book about three generations of women discovering their power at a North Fork vineyard is delicious, delightful, and smart. Reading it feels like drinking a crisp glass of rosé on a hot summer's day."
Heard It in a Love Song (2021)
Tracey Garvis-Graves
"Tracey Garvis Graves's Heard It in a Love Song is filled with so much warmth and so much hope, reading it feels like listening to your favorite song while curled up with someone you love. I'll be thinking about these characters and their passion for life for a long time to come."
Beautiful Little Fools (2022)
Jillian Cantor
"In Beautiful Little Fools, Jillian Cantor gorgeously captures the complex lives of the women in The Great Gatsby, creating a delicate and intricate story that dovetails perfectly with F. Scott Fitzgerald's. It was engrossing to the final page."
Real Easy (2022)
Marie Rutkoski
"With a fully-realized world, a compelling mystery, fascinating characters, and beautiful prose, Marie Rutkoski's REAL EASY will capture readers and stay in their minds forever."
The Liz Taylor Ring (2022)
Brenda Janowitz
"Brenda Janowitz's heartfelt novel shows readers that just like gemstones, people have flaws, but it doesn't mean we love them any less - in fact, those imperfections may make us treasure them even more. Written with warmth and humor, this compelling family story sparkles like the diamond at its core."
By Any Other Name (2022)
Lauren Kate
"Reading Lauren Kate's By Any Other Name is like watching a Nora Ephron movie. It makes the day seem brighter, the world seem more hopeful, and happiness seem possible for everyone. This book is a buoyant celebration of love."
Scarlet in Blue (2022)
Jennifer Murphy
"Just like a beautiful and complex painting, Scarlet in Blue pulls readers in--and then captivates them with a story that is part mystery, part thriller, and wholly gripping and fascinating. The perfect dark escape."
The Unsinkable Greta James (2022)
Jennifer E Smith
"Filled with music, passion, and love of all kinds, The Unsinkable Greta James is a fast-paced, emotional novel and an unforgettable exploration of family and the choices we make that shape our lives."
Meant to Be (2022)
Emily Giffin
"Meant to Be elegantly captures love in all its passionate, messy, wonderful glory. Emily Giffin's writing is addictive--from the first page to the final line. This warm hug of a book is the perfect literary escape."
Nora Goes Off Script (2022)
Annabel Monaghan
"This perfectly-scripted love story left me feeling the way all the best romances do: filled with hope and the feeling that true love always wins."

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