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Ashley Audrain is a Canadian writer. During a July 2019 interview with the Toronto Star Audrain described her debut novel, The Push, as a "psychological drama told through the lens of motherhood."Prior to turning her hand to writing, Audrain was publicity director for the publisher Penguin Canada.

Genres: Mystery

   The Push (2021)
   The Whispers (2023)
Ashley Audrain recommends
The Lamplighters (2021)
Emma Stonex
"The Lamplighters transported me effortlessly to the mysterious Maiden Rock and life on the Cornish coast. Stonex creates a most engaging collection of voices and perspectives that unveil what happened in true pager-turner fashion, a mystery told through vivid prose that had me completely absorbed from start to finish. Haunting, harrowing and heartbreaking, this is a novel that will stay with you."
When They Find Her (2021)
Lia Middleton
"When They Find Her opens with an unthinkable wallop to the heart, and takes off racing from there through a perfectly crafted, tightly written, deeply emotional story that taps into the most uncomfortable fears of motherhood and marriage. A stand-out psychological thriller with heart."
The First Day of Spring (2021)
Nancy Tucker
"Nancy Tucker has created one of the most unforgettable characters I've ever read, with a remarkable voice that is both piercing and poetic. The contrast between innocence and evil is breathtaking-I found myself aching for Chrissie/Julia as she learns to survive as a daughter and then mother in a world that has failed her. Chilling, thought-provoking, and compulsively readable, The First Day of Spring is a novel that will break your heart on every page and never leave you. I loved it."
A Little Hope (2021)
Ethan Joella
"Wonderfully observed and immensely touching, A Little Hope is a beautiful portrait of the poignant moments in life that change us, move us, and connect us, written in deft and powerful prose. A true gem of a novel that I won't soon forget."
The Maid (2022)
Nita Prose
"The Maid is a masterful, charming mystery that will touch your heart in ways you could never expect. The endearing, unforgettable Molly reminds us to challenge our assumptions about one another, and shows us how meaningful it is to feel truly seen in the world. This is the smart, quirky, uplifting read we need."
Notes on an Execution (2022)
Danya Kukafka
"A profound and staggering experience of empathy that challenges us to confront what it means to be human in our darkest moments. . . . I relished every page of this brilliant and gripping masterpiece."
This Might Hurt (2022)
Stephanie Wrobel
"You'll be gripped in this clever exploration of fear and vulnerability right until the flawless ending - one you'll most certainly want to talk about"
Like Me (2022)
Hayley Phelan
"Like Me by Hayley Phelan reads like both a harrowing portrayal of addiction and a smart, razor-sharp portrait of the Instagram age. Completely absorbing, deeply uncomfortable and impressively original, Phalen's poignant novel of obsession, desperation, sexuality and identity will change how you think of the time we're living in."
The Love of My Life (2022)
Rosie Walsh
"Walsh's hugely compelling The Love of My Life instantly pulls you deep into the interior of a marriage. Part thriller, part mystery, part heart-wrenching love story, this is a treasure for book clubs everywhere."
An Unthinkable Thing (2022)
Nicole Lundrigan
"From the enticing first pages to the shocking last lines (don't peek!), Nicole Lundrigan's An Unthinkable Thing explores the trauma of loneliness and the power of belonging, through the eyes of a tender, unforgettable young narrator. You'll be deeply moved by this thoughtful and atmospheric page-turner."
Every Summer After (2022)
Carley Fortune
"Carley Fortune perfects the nostalgia of young summer love and the choices that change us forever in Every Summer After, a smart and delightful novel that will tug on your heartstrings, and more than satisfy fans of Emily Henry. This is your next must-read beach-read from an exciting new voice. A total joy to devour!"
Can't Look Away (2022)
Carola Lovering
"Carola Lovering gives us so much to love in Can't Look Away--toxic friendship, long-held secrets, the one who got away--all wrapped in gripping obsession and tight with tension. You'll be racing to the end."
More Than You'll Ever Know (2022)
Katie Gutierrez
"I was enthralled with More Than You'll Ever Know from the very first pages of Gutierrez's rich and assured writing. A gripping and thoughtful exploration of motherhood and marriage, the complexity of female desire, and the consequence of our obsession with true crime, it's one of the best suspenseful dramas I've read in years. An exceptional, stunning debut-I absolutely loved it."
Stargazer (2022)
Laurie Petrou
"A dark and dreamlike journey into the obsession, envy and love between two young friends in the 90s. The tension simmers in this atmospheric lake-side setting until the crushing end. Laurie Petrou's writing is melodic and immersive. A delicious read!"
The Making of Her (2022)
Bernadette Jiwa
"The Making of Her is a compelling and tender exploration of the unattainable expectations of women, the shame and guilt inherent in motherhood, and the reverberations of the hardest choices we make. Jiwa gives us a beautifully crafted, thought-provoking novel that ultimately celebrates the strength of women. A true pleasure to read."
I'm the Girl (2022)
Courtney Summers
"I'm The Girl is an unflinching, electric examination of the patriarchal power we expect young women to confront at a time in their lives when every message we send tells them otherwise. Summers cuts into the constructs of beauty, sexuality, desire and girlhood in a way so few other writers do. A stirring, thought-provoking thriller."

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