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Iona Whishaw

Iona Whishaw has been a youth worker, social worker, teacher and an award winning High School Principal, who continued with her writing throughout her working life. Receiving her Masters in Creative writing from UBC, Iona has published short fiction, poetry, poetry translation and one children's book, Henry and the Cow Problem. The Lane Winslow mystery series is her first foray into adult fiction.

Genres: Historical Mystery
Lane Winslow Mystery
1. Dead In The Water (2015)
     aka A Killer in King's Cove
2. Death in a Darkening Mist (2017)
3. An Old, Cold Grave (2017)
4. It Begins in Betrayal (2018)
5. A Sorrowful Sanctuary (2018)
6. A Deceptive Devotion (2019)