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Susan Elia MacNeal is a writer and editor.Her editing clients book proposals have found representation at major literary agencies, including Levine Greenberg Literary Agency, Peter Steinberg Agency and Lippincott Massie McQuilkin. Her clients books have been published by Penguin, Workman Publishing, Abrams Books and other major houses.In addition, she is the author of two non-fiction books, Wedding Zen: Calming Wisdom for the Bride and Infused: 100 Recipes for Infused Liquors and Cocktails, both published by Chronicle Books. Her writing has appeared in a large number of publications, including Time Out New York, Publishers Weekly, Dance Magazine and various publications of New York City Ballet.Susan is married and lives with her husband and young son in Brooklyn.

Genres: Historical Mystery, Historical

Non fiction
   Wedding Zen (2004)
   Infused (2006)
Barry Awards Best Paperback original winner (2013) : Mr. Churchill's Secretary
Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (2013) : Mr. Churchill's Secretary
Agatha Award Best Historical Novel nominee (2015) : Mrs. Roosevelt's Confidante
Agatha Award Best Historical Novel nominee (2017) : The Paris Spy
Barry Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2017) : The Queen's Accomplice

Susan Elia MacNeal recommends
The Strangler Vine (2014)
(Blake and Avery, book 1)
M J Carter
"In the great detective novel tradition of The Moonstone and the Sherlock Holmes series, by way of The Glass Books trilogy....With gorgeous historical detail and deft characterization, Carter creates a rip-roaring detective romp."
The Other Side of Midnight (2015)
Simone St James
"Simone St. James has created her own genre--historical gothic mystery romance, with more than a dash of the creepy...Real emotional resonance."
A Curious Beginning (2015)
(Veronica Speedwell Mystery, book 1)
Deanna Raybourn
"Wickedly clever and devilishly amusing. . .Veronica Speedwell is a joy unflappable, unrepentant, and thoroughly delightful."
The Graves (2017)
(Abby Endicott, book 2)
Pamela Wechsler
"A perfect mix of suspense, character, and authenticity. A wonderfully read."
The Burial Society (2018)
(Burial Society, book 1)
Nina Sadowsky
"Addicting and chilling . . . a smart, sophisticated, terrifying trip to the City of Light."
The Widows of Malabar Hill (2018)
(Perveen Mistry, book 1)
Sujata Massey
"Perveen Mistry is an extraordinary heroine—one of the first female lawyers in India, she’s whip smart, strong-willed, and, most importantly, compassionate. Defying convention while draped in a sari, Perveen is sure to join the leads of great mystery fiction."
The Darkling Bride (2018)
(Gallagher Family, book 1)
Laura Andersen
"Perfect for fans of Possession, Rebecca, and Jane Eyre, The Darkling Bride hits all the sweet spots: an intelligent and feisty heroine with secrets of her own—check. A dilapidated Irish castle, complete with gorgeous library and handsome Lord—check. And not one but two intertwined mysteries—check. More, please!"
A Death of No Importance (2018)
(Jane Prescott, book 1)
Mariah Fredericks
"A taut, suspenseful, and complex murder mystery with gorgeous period detail."
Bound for Gold (2018)
(Peter Fallon, book 6)
William Martin
"Fans of rare book dealer Peter Fallon, rejoice?he’s back (with lady friend Evangeline Carrington, of course), unearthing family skeletons from the Gold Rush. Historic fact intertwines with vibrant fiction in this timely and relevant novel."
A Dangerous Duet (2018)
(Victorian Mystery , book 1)
Karen Odden
"A captivating tale of mystery, history, and a dash of romance—with an ahead-of-her-time heroine who not only plays the piano with aplomb, but defies Victorian conventions, courts danger, and solves mysteries. Nell Hallam is a heroine to root for."
The Words I Never Wrote (2020)
Jane Thynne
"Jane Thynne’s latest novel is magnificent. In her first standalone, she expertly intertwines the stories of three different women with secrets—two sisters on opposite sides in World War II, and the present-day young photographer who pieces their stories together. Thynne works with a journalist’s talent for choosing the telling historic detail—including cameos by the ambassador to Germany’s daughter Martha Dodd and double-agent Kim Philby—combined with a novelist’s sense of how those details come together to shape a relevant and timeless story."
Three Hours in Paris (2020)
Cara Black
"I couldn't stop reading Cara Black's newest! A young American markswoman named Kate Reese is sent to Paris to assassinate Hitler--what could possibly go wrong? Everything, as it turns out, prompting an intense cat-and-mouse chase through the blacked-out City of Light. Nothing is as it seems, certainly not for Kate, as she tries to escape and make it back to Britain with plans of the secret of the Nazi invasion. Black keeps you guessing--and biting your nails--up to the very last page."
Glamour Girls (2021)
Marty Wingate
"Fans of strong women defying the odds will love Wingate's novel of Englishwoman Rosalie Wright's struggle to become pilot during World War II--there's friendship, romance, adventure, and wonderful attention to period detail."
Last Night at the Telegraph Club (2021)
(Last Night at the Telegraph Club)
Malinda Lo
"Oh, what a wonderful novel this is! For all who ever dared to want more, much more, from life—a beautifully sensitive love story, with telling historic detail."
The Plague Letters (2021)
V L Valentine
"Dark, haunting, and unexpectedly witty - a journey back to seventeenth-century London, where a serial killer is even more terrifying than the raging sickness. Suspenseful from start to finish."
The Stars We Share (2021)
Rafe Posey
"A gripping, tender, and sparkling debut—with impeccable research and exquisite prose, Posey weaves a story of love and loss before, during, and after the Second World War. A beguiling, thought-provoking, and ultimately satisfying novel."
The Stranger From Berlin (2021)
Melissa Amateis
"Melissa Amateis's well-researched and assured debut novel explores the impact of World War II on the American Homefront. She deftly explores the struggles of a war widow in Nebraska and her chance meeting with a German refugee, which turns into both a tender love story and a thoughtful examination of national and individual guilt, shame, responsibility, and healing."
Death at Greenway (2021)
Lori Rader-Day
"Two strangers with secrets, ten little children evacuated from London, and a stay at Agatha Christie’s country house make for a deliciously compelling mystery. With its flawed, complex heroine, haunting evocation of wartime England, and a series of plot twists and breathtaking reveals, Rader-Day’s newest is a triumph."
Love & Saffron (2022)
Kim Fay
"In the footsteps of Laurie Colwin and Ruth Reichl, Love & Saffron is a beautiful, gentle, intimate exploration of food and friendship, as well as life, loss, and love."
Die Around Sundown (2022)
Mark Pryor
"Atmospheric and chills and thrills in equal measure."
A Killing in Costumes (2022)
(Hollywood Treasures Mystery, book 1)
Zac Bissonnette
"Perfect for viewers of Turner Classic films, A Killing in Costumes is an exuberant tale of movies, murder, revenge, and, ultimately, friendship. Told through the angle of Hollywood memorabilia collecting, readers glimpse the glamor and glitz of the silver screen, along with another--not so pretty--view of Hollywood behind-the-scenes."

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