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Kellye Garrett spent 8 years working in Hollywood, including a stint writing for the CBS drama Cold Case. People were always surprised to learn what she did for a living - probably because she seemed way too happy to be brainstorming ways to murder people. A former magazine editor, Kellye holds a B.S. in magazine writing from Florida A&M and an MFA in screenwriting from USCs famed film school. Having moved back to her native New Jersey, she spends her mornings commuting to Manhattan for her job at a leading media company - while still happily brainstorming ways to commit murder. Her first novel, Hollywood Homicide was released by Midnight Ink in 2017.

Genres: Mystery
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Agatha Award Best First Book winner (2017) : Hollywood Homicide
Anthony Awards Best First Novel winner (2018) : Hollywood Homicide
Barry Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2018) : Hollywood Homicide
Macavity Awards Best First Novel nominee (2018) : Hollywood Homicide
Anthony Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2019) : Hollywood Ending

Kellye Garrett recommends
Travellin' Shoes (2017)
(RJ Franklin Mystery, book 1)
V M Burns
"Travellin' Shoes introduces the world of RJ Franklin, an Indiana police detective who returns from leave to look into the murder of his church's new choir director. RJ's investigation takes him--and us--into the places that serve as the backbone of the urban community--the churches, the hair salons and, perhaps most importantly, the dinner table of the beloved local church women who know any- and everything. Throughout it all, Burns flawlessly mixes the best elements of both cozy mystery and police procedural before reaching a pitch-perfect crescendo worthy of a Sunday morning gospel choir."
Dead as a Door Knocker (2019)
(House-Flipper Mystery, book 1)
Diane Kelly
"When Nashville property manager Whitney Whitaker attempt to flip her first house and instead finds a dead body, it seems everything goes wrong except for the renovations. With Dead as a Door Knocker, Diane Kelly introduces a heroine who is as good with a hammer as she is with a one-liner. Whitney and her adorable scaredy-cat Sawdust are a welcome addition to your home and bookshelf."
Derailed (2020)
(Kelly Pruett Mystery, book 1)
Mary Keliikoa
"With Derailed, debut author Mary Keliikoa introduces us to single mom and second generation Portland PI Kelly Pruett on her very first murder investigation. The story is straight from the Kinsey Millhone school of private investigation yet still manages to create a unique and complex main character reeling from the recent death of her father and a demanding ex-husband. Kelly must decide if following her father's wishes by pursuing this case is worth possibly losing her daughter. It's that perfect blend of personal and professional that makes Derailed a welcome addition to the genre. I can't wait to follow both Kelly and Keliikoa's careers."
And Now She's Gone (2020)
Rachel Howzell Hall
"One of crime fiction’s leading writers at her very best. The final twist that will make you want to immediately turn back to page one and read it all over again. And Now She's Gone is a perfect blend of PI novel and psychological suspense that will have readers wanting more."
For the Best (2020)
Vanessa Lillie
"In just two books, Vanessa Lillie has already earned a reputation for creating beautifully flawed and complicated characters who won’t let past trauma get in the way of their present—especially when it involves solving a murder. For the Best has all the things I fell in love with in Lillie’s debut: the idyllic Rhode Island setting, the layered character studies, and the unexpected reveals. And all while introducing a new main character still desperate for justice, but this time for herself. Lillie remains a writer to watch!"
They're Gone (2020)
E A Barres
"A great, succinct style...expertly capture[s] the grief of unexpectedly using a loved one."
The Conductors (2021)
(Murder and Magic, book 1)
Nicole Glover
"With The Conductors, Nicole Glover creates a fascinating world where even magic is segregated. She effortlessly weaves both the constellation-based magical system and the real life struggles of being Black in post–Civil War America. The characters, led by former Underground Railroad conductors Hetty and Benjy Rhodes, are as intriguing as the mystery. It’s hard to believe this is Glover’s first book. I found it as enchanting as one of Hetty's spells."
Arsenic and Adobo (2021)
(Tita Rosie's Kitchen Mystery, book 1)
Mia P Manansala
"A much welcome entry into the culinary cozy genre, packed full of mouth-watering food and jaw-dropping reveals. I can't wait to see what's next for Lila Macapagal and the unforgettable characters of Shady Palms. It's guaranteed to be your next favorite cozy series. Just don't read it on an empty stomach!"
The Darkest Flower (2021)
(Allison Barton, book 1)
Kristin Wright
"The Darkest Flower is as much a riveting legal thriller as it is an exploration of modern-day motherhood and privilege. The story shows exactly what happens when the much-feared queen of the PTA gets accused of attempted murder. I couldn’t stop reading."
Her Name is Knight (2021)
(Nena Knight, book 1)
Yasmin Angoe
"It’s hard to believe that Her Name Is Knight is Yasmin Angoe’s debut novel. This dual timeline story about a highly trained Miami-based assassin who learns to reclaim her power after having her entire life ripped from her as a teenager in Ghana is equal parts love story, social commentary, and action thriller. Nena Knight will stay with you long after you’ve read the last word, and this is a must-read for fans of Lee Child and S. A. Cosby. I found myself crying in one chapter and cheering in the next. I couldn’t put it down!"
An Eternal Lei (2022)
(Leilani Santiago Mystery, book 2)
Naomi Hirahara
"The next best thing to actually going to Hawai'i."
Complicit (2022)
Winnie M Li
"COMPLICIT is a must read for anyone who's sat in a movie theater, watched an entertainment show, or followed their favorite celebrity on social media. It's a harrowing explanation of how powerful men are able to get away with so much for so long - as seen through the eyes of an unforgettable heroine whose dreams to make movies becomes a nightmare. You'll never look at the film industry the same again."
In the Dark We Forget (2022)
Sandra SG Wong
"With In the Dark We Forget, the wonderfully talented Sandra SG Wong gives us everything a book lover could want-brutally honest social commentary, rich cultural details, deft psychological suspense, and often heartbreaking family dynamics. The result is a story that will stay with you long after you get to the last word. I couldn't stop reading."
Acts of Violet (2022)
Margarita Montimore
"Montimore brilliantly combines first person narrative, podcast transcripts, personal letters, and more to create a story that's impossible to put down. Much like one of Violet's magic tricks, you'll find yourself in awe until the final reveal."
Kismet (2022)
Amina Akhtar
"Kismet is funny, sharp, twisty, and spot on. Whether she's dealing with toxic relationships or everyday racism, Ronnie Khan is a character that you can't help but root for. I can't remember the last time I had this much fun reading a novel. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is going to be talking about those ravens."

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