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Christopher G Moore

Canada (b.1952)

Christopher G. Moore is a Canadian writer who once taught law at the University of British Columbia. After his first book His Lordship's Arsenal was published in New York to a critical acclaim in 1985, Moore became a full-time writer and has so far written 19 novels and one collection of inter-locked short stories.

Moore has attained somewhat of a cult status among his readers in Asia and Europe and has an increasingly strong following in North America. Moore is probably best known by his cult classics, Land of Smiles Trilogy, his behind-the-smiles study of his adopted country, Thailand, and his highly popular Vincent Calvino Private Eye series.
Christopher G Moore recommends
The Wrong Dead Guy (2017)
(Another Coop Heist, book 2)
Richard Kadrey
"[The Everything Box is] a rolling bouncy-house of a caper tale."

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