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Frank McCourt

USA flag (1931 - 2009)

Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award; it has sold 1.8 million copies in itsFlamingo editions alone and tens of millions worldwide. For thirty years he taught in NYC schools, before, in his 60s, settling down to write his story.

Genres: Mystery
Non fiction series
Non fiction
Brotherhood (2002) (with Thomas Von Essen and Rudy Giuliani)
Ireland Ever (2004) (with Malachy McCourt)
A Couple of Blaguards (2011) (with Malachy McCourt)
Frank McCourt recommends
The Whereabouts of Eneas McNulty (1998)
(McNulty Family, book 1)
Sebastian Barry
"It's a symphony of a novel, and you'll sing along and wander with Eneas McNulty into the next century."
The Dress Lodger (1998)
Sheri Holman
"Sheri Holman's prose, tart, racy and sombre, will sing in your soul a long while."
44 (1999)
Peter Sheridan
"Sharp, jazzy, hilarious and often painful... You'll rejoice in this wild song of a book."
Peace Like a River (2000)
Leif Enger
"Wonderous and wise."
Boy Still Missing (2001)
John Searles
"Once you get into this novel, you'll forget the world - the book is that seductive, that suspenseful."
The Tea Rose (2002)
(Rose , book 1)
Jennifer Donnelly
"A splendid, heartwarming, novel of pain, struggle, decency, triumph."
Terrible Angel (2002)
Dermot McEvoy
"Terrible Angel is a novel so intriguing you'll keep turning the pages."
Here They Come (2006)
Yannick Murphy
"This is a hell of a book. You might not be able to finish Here They Come in one sitting, but it will haunt you till you do. What detail! What characters! I can imagine both Jane Austen and Raymond Carver poring over this masterly novel."
Galway Bay (2009)
(Of Irish Blood, book 1)
Mary Pat Kelly
"Laughter and tears and pure magic."
Well Read and Dead (2009)
(High Society Mystery, book 2)
Catherine O'Connell
"One hell of a storyteller, a master of plot, [and] a tart observer of the social scene."
Eye of the Whale (2009)
Douglas Carlton Abrams
"Abrams writes with such polish, immediacy, and authority, you pause to admire his mastery of narrative."
Edge of Nowhere (2010)
John Smelcer
"More psychological depth than Robinson Crusoe."

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