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Kate Marshall is the author of the Young Adult novel I Am Still Alive (Viking Children’s). Her science fiction and fantasy fiction has appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Crossed Genres, and elsewhere. She writes historical romance as Kathleen Kimmel, and works in the video game industry as a writer and occasional designer. Her love of books runs through every aspect of her career; she serves as both a developmental editor and a cover designer for fellow authors.

She lives outside of Seattle with her husband, a dog named Vonnegut, a cat named after a cylon, and a baby. They all conspire to keep her on her toes.

Genres: Mystery, Young Adult Fantasy, Children's Fiction, Young Adult Fiction
New Books
   1. Thirteens (2020)
   2. Brackenbeast (2021)
   3. Glassheart (2022)
Kate Alice Marshall recommends
Yellow Jessamine (2020)
(Neon Hemlock, book 1)
Caitlin Starling
"Starling's tale is rich, unsettling, and bleakly beautiful—like the poison garden at its heart, both lovely and deadly."
The Valley and the Flood (2021)
Rebecca Mahoney
"Rebecca Mahoney weaves a tense and beautiful tale about the monsters we make and the memories that haunt us. With the looming threat of the Flood and a town full of secrets, this story grabbed hold of me and didn't let go."
She's Too Pretty to Burn (2021)
Wendy Heard
"Veronica and Mick's complex, compelling relationship grounds this intense and unrelenting thriller, full of impossible choices, betrayals, mistakes, and danger."
The River Has Teeth (2021)
Erica Waters
"Full of fierce women and wild magic, The River Has Teeth is a captivating story of love, grief, and the power of anger. From its eerie opening pages to its gripping finale, it kept me enthralled"
Mercury Boys (2021)
Chandra Prasad
"With vividly drawn, multidimensional characters and a riveting voice, Mercury Boys weaves a compelling tale of the intoxicating power of friendship, female rivalry, and romance."
A Dark and Starless Forest (2021)
Sarah Hollowell
"Sarah Hollowell has created an effortlessly diverse cast of sisters, with characters and relationships as rich and complex as the magic that defi­nes their lives. From the moment Derry answers the eerie call of the woods, A Dark and Starless Forest begins to weave an irresistible spell in this tale of magic and sisterhood, love and loss, power and control."
Summer's Edge (2022)
Dana Mele
"Rich with atmosphere, Summer's Edge weaves a haunting--and haunted--tale of tragedy and secrets, romance and betrayal, with a vicious mystery at its heart. Lies and friendships unravel and the truth of the friends' fateful summer emerges as the story hurtles toward its relentless and darkly satisfying conclusion."
Go Hunt Me (2022)
Kelly DeVos
"With deadly stakes and killer twists, Go Hunt Me is a compulsive, thrilling read that grabbed me by the throat and didn't let go."
Delicious Monsters (2023)
Liselle Sambury
"Delicious Monsters drew me in with its complex, compelling characters and richly layered secrets. A powerful story of mothers and daughters, trauma and healing, with a truly frightening haunted house at its center."
She Is a Haunting (2023)
Trang Thanh Tran
"She Is a Haunting is a beguiling feast of a book that drew me in immediately with its exquisitely unsettling atmosphere, vivid prose, and creeping horrors-both supernatural and all too human."

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