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Lisa Unger

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aka Lisa Miscione

Lisa Unger is an award-winning New York Times and international bestselling author. Her novels have sold over 1 million copies in the US and have been translated into 26 different languages.

She was born in New Haven, Connecticut but grew up in the Netherlands, England, New Jersey and New York, where she graduated from the New School for Social Research. Lisa now divides her time, along with her husband and daughter, between Florida and New York City.

Genres: Mystery
Lydia Strong (as by Lisa Miscione)
   1. Angel Fire (2002)
   2. The Darkness Gathers (2003)
   3. Twice (2004)
   4. Smoke (2005)
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Lisa Unger recommends
Burnt Offerings (2012)
(Daniel Davis and Sam Michaels, book 1)
Michael Lister
"Deep, edgy, and smart, Burnt Offerings is a searing page-turner. Don't miss this stellar outing from a truly fine writer."
Living Proof (2012)
Kira Peikoff
"A tight and suspenseful thriller... A remarkable debut!"
Descent (2015)
Tim Johnston
"A pulse-pounding thriller of the first order...a truly captivating read."
Unreliable (2017)
Lee Irby
"Creepy, twisted, darkly funny, and totally riveting, Lee Irby's Unreliable kept me guessing from the first page to last. You'll be off kilter the whole ride on this tilt-a-whirl of a book, and you'll enjoy every second."
Not a Sound (2017)
Heather Gudenkauf
"This is a thrill ride to be sure, but it's also a gripping tale of tragedy and redemption. If you haven't read Heather Gudenkauf yet, now's the time."
The Marriage Pact (2017)
Michelle Richmond
"A twisting, suspenseful, keep-you-up-all-night thriller."
Blessed Are The Peacemakers (2017)
(Gabriella Giovanni Mysteries, book 5)
Kristi Belcamino
"...Crackling, emotional, and rocket-paced."
The Other Mother (2018)
Carol Goodman
"Carol Goodman is, simply put, a stellar writer."
The Elizas (2018)
Sara Shepard
"A twisting, clever thriller with a smart, darkly funny, and totally unreliable narrator at its heart. I was rooting for the troubled, sharp-tongued Eliza, even as Shepard deftly blurred those very thin lines between lies and the truth, fact and fiction. A sizzler!"
Liar's Candle (2018)
August Thomas
"Tightly-plotted, well-written, and astute, Liar’s Candle is a remarkable debut. August Thomas delivers an atmospheric and twisty spy thriller that manages to be both assured and fresh. With a colorful, authentic sense of place, a rocket-paced plot full of deception and betrayal, and a young, naive heroine, Penny Kessler, at its center, this is both an exciting story of espionage and a compelling coming of age tale."
Jar of Hearts (2018)
Jennifer Hillier
"We all have embarrassing exes, right? You almost feel bad for Geo, the slippery heroine at the heart of Jennifer Hillier’s dark and twisted tale. It’s just that Geo's ex turns out to be a serial killer. And, maybe, just maybe, she had something to do with his first murder; and, oh, that first murder victim was one of Geo’s best friends. Hmm. I was hooked on page one. Hillier’s masterful story-telling and compelling voice pulled me deeper and deeper. The plot only twisted and ratcheted tighter from there until I couldn’t pull away. This is a smart, edgy thriller with lots of surprises. Buckle up."
The Real Michael Swann (2018)
Bryan Reardon
"The Real Michael Swann is a twisting, heart-wrenching journey into a marriage, a gripping thriller, and the story of a family ripped apart by terrible violence. Bryan Reardon grabs his readers on page one, then deftly ratchets the suspense page-by-page revealing slim fragments of truth until the breathless ending. A chilling, haunting read."
Three Days Missing (2018)
Kimberly Belle
"A missing child, a ticking clock-every parent's worst nightmare come true. Kimberly Belle delivers the goods-a rocket-paced story with a heart that will keep you riveted through every hairpin twist and turn. Breathless suspense!"
You Were Made for This (2018)
Michelle Sacks
"A sinister, razor's edge of a book. I was, in turn, totally gripped, completely unsettled, and not just a little freaked out by these brutal characters and the damage they did to themselves and each other. Whatever you feel while reading this dark, twisting story, you definitely won't be able to put it down."
The Banker's Wife (2018)
Cristina Alger
"The Banker's Wife is a glamorous and twisting novel of international intrigue, the secrets and lies that stitch a marriage together, and a wife's desperate search to understand the husband she thought she knew. The rocket-paced plot and transporting sense of place will sweep you away, but it’s the smart, determined women at the heart of the story that keep you riveted through the breathless ending. Cristina Alger delivers on every level."
The Disappearing (2018)
Lori Roy
"As dark and atmospheric as a Northern Florida summer night, The Disappearing is Lori Roy at the top of her game. Her simmering tale is, at the heart, a compelling mystery. But it’s also a deep meditation on family and the secrets and lies that can twist through our lives like a strangler fig. The powerful sense of place and a haunting cast of characters linger long after the book is closed. If you haven’t read Lori Roy, now is the time."
Somebody's Daughter (2018)
David Bell
"Somebody's Daughter is a compulsive, twisty, race-against-the-clock thriller. But it’s also a sensitive meditation on what connects us to each other--and what we’ll do to hold on when life tears us apart. Don’t miss this smart and unrelenting page-turner!"
Too Far (2018)
Jason Starr
"A rocket-paced, propulsive, and utterly addictive thrill-ride. Jason Starr is a master of ratcheting up the suspense page-by-page, making it totally impossible to look away."
Restoration Heights (2019)
Wil Medearis
"An atmospheric and poetic noir debut. Wil Medearis paints a vivid portrait of the changing face of New York City while crafting a compelling old-school mystery against that gritty, thoroughly modern backdrop. A Brooklyn artist turned private investigator—such a clever premise! And its stellar execution—rich with character, and sparking with the friction of all the city's hard edges of race, culture and class—is utterly immersive."
The Liar's Child (2019)
Carla Buckley
"Carla Buckley has a rare gift for character. In The Liar’s Child, she digs deep into the hearts of the troubled, flawed, and all-too-human souls who populate this beautifully written and utterly involving novel. I didn’t so much open the jacket on this book as fall inside the compelling story and get tangled up in all the lives, loves, broken dreams, and mistakes. Then I held tight, white knuckled, through the twisting inexorable ride."
Saving Meghan (2019)
D J Palmer
"Smart, chilling, and full of hairpin turns, Saving Meghan is highwire suspense of the first order."

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